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Zombie Rodeo - The Eyes are Set Upon You Award winner

Zombie Rodeo
The Eyes are Set Upon You
by JOGANEGAR at 22 July 2022, 1:31 AM

ZOMBIE RODEO is allegedly a Stoner Metal band from Finland. You must wonder why I use that word to refer to the band´s nationality and concept but I might dare to go that far only trusting that once you finish reading listening to this, their latest EP, you might concur. There are multiple elements that make it very difficult to label ZOMBIE RODEO into only one musical genre. The soprano voice on this EP alone provides a different experience to every listener that comes across this, their fourth EP after “Dia de los Muertos” and “Cult Leader” both released on 2016. “All eyes are set Upon You” delivers what might very well be the preview to their first Full-length album in a very near future. The example of a very short taste of what the future might have in store for this band from Finland; The way in which songs like the opening track and “Mind Infestation” which complements the beginning of the contrast is a clear example of what a trus Stoner Metal should be in my humble opinion.

The opening riff that accompanies the song until the voice of Thomas Vee begins an onslaught into the bridge and Chorus along with the female voice á la THEATER OF TRAGEDY is a clear example of what the whole attitude of this band engulfs. The voice the mezzo soprano, can only add to the mystique and longing that combine perfectly with the hostility and beastly growls of the singer on top of the flawless instrumental work that all together form ZOMBIE RODEO”. This band is officially ready for becoming. The beginning of “Night Jackals Howl” produces a pounding in the heart of the listener that creates a sudden rush of adrenaline which I have never witnessed before, since I have never heard anything like this in particular and although references are immediately tried to be found, I think that there resides the beauty of raw, new and freshly released material; which can only make us be thankful again with the constant flow of new metal we are getting nowadays in spite of the pandemic and the constant chaos that is always trying to take over the world, but as long as releases like this EP continue to be launched I can say that there I still hope at least for this, not only our favorite music genre but also our way of life.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Eyes Upon You
2. Mind Infestation
3. Night’s Jackals Howl
4. Unspeakable Fathoms
5. This Burning Wasteland
Mikko P. Mustonen- Drums
Mika Rissanen- Guitars
Miika Partonen- Guitars, Vocals
Mikko Puhakka– Bass
Record Label: Inverse Records


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Edited 10 August 2022

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