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Zoser Mez - Vizier Of Wasteland (CD)

Zoser Mez
Vizier Of Wasteland
by Grigoris Chronis at 24 June 2007, 11:39 AM

Here's the story: you adore a 'classic' Metal band (e.g. MERCUFUL FATE), you dig deep for every related band/project (e.g. BLACK ROSE, BRATS, FATE, FORCE OF EVIL, REX LOAD, DANGER ZONE), you find another one (e.g. ZOSER MEZ) and realize you need to spend another 100$ for the limited-to-1,000-copies vinyl/CD issue. The bad news: lots of money. The good news: Supreme Music Creations has just released the one-and-only Vizier Of Wasteland CD with bonus goodies. Sing along…wo-o-o-o-o-a-a-h-h!
The Vizier Of Wasteland album was recorded in autumn 1990 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Michael Denner formed the band (starting with the LAVINA name) long after he quit MERCYFUL FATE in 1990. Hank Shermann (just having left melodic rockers FATE) joined in and…what a thriving album this was. Just to let you know, it made the King himself reconsider MERCYFUL FATE's future and, woah, the band was reunited in 1993 (omitting original skinsman Kim Ruzz).
It's a bad case the Desecration Of Souls cover (featured in the original issue; a classic cut from the Don't Break The Oath monumental M. FATE album) is not included in this fine re-release. Copyright issues, I guess…anyway, the rest of the tracklist will raise your 'mystic' adrenaline to maximum level, as the eight original songs do all stand proud next to any MERCYFUL FATE release. Filtered through a 70s blend at times, the performance of the renowned guitar duo is astonishing; moreover, there's tons of ideas regarding chords/solos/leads, making the fan wonder how the hell did all this stuff escape M. FATE's albums. The atmosphere is 'spiritual' enough; the production (handled by the band themselves) does provide the relative helping hand for this.
Strange thing is Lubcke's voice. A fine singer (Denmark's nominee for 1992's Eurovision contest), he reminds me a mix of various US Metal vocal styles plus some of 'obscure' Stephen Pearcy (RATT)! What the fuck? He does deliver excellent performance and - even if the songwriting is M. FATE-ish enough - does not fall to the trapo of singing alike. Hence, if you stand against hi-pitched vocals, you have one more reason to proceed. Listen to wonderful tunes like…all of them! Really, it's a tremendous 80's Metal album, drawing influence from the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement, the M. FATE deeds, lots of the URIAH HEEP/ATOMIC ROOSTER/(early) JUDAS PRIEST/(non-mainstream) U.F.O. atmosphere and…it's a killer!
Bonus tracks come off sessions for a never-released sophomore effort. Featuring same quality, you'll recognize the Land Of Goshen instrumental tune evolving into Castillo Del Mortes in MERCYFUL FATE's Time (1994). Added: a big booklet with tons of photos, the remix handled by Hank Shermann himself and a set of limited edition T-shirts (not in the CD release!) will accompany your 'obscure' old school likes.
There's no way you should escape getting Visier Of Wasteland. No way, you Mercyful Kings…An all-time gem!

4 Star Rating

Desert Of Deception
The Crimson Moon
Another Time
Mesmerization Eclipse
Street Heat Zoser
Sweet Tzantza
The Crimson Moon
Another Time
Land Of Goshen
Hank Shermann - Lead Guitars
Michael Denner - Lead Guitars
Kenny Lubcke - Vocals
Claus Weiergang - Bass
Record Label: Supreme Music Creations


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