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Agnostic Front - Live At CBGB (CD/DVD)

Agnostic Front
by Grigoris Chronis at 02 April 2006, 7:04 AM

The pioneers of NYHC decide to film their first DVD collection, after more than 25 years of existence. And what would the proper place for such footage be? The CBGB… If this tiny venue (full name: 'Country Bluegrass Blues'!!!) is not the living history of in-your-face Hardcore/Metal music in the USA, then which club may be, damnit? Just visit and take a look at the bands that hit the stage all these countless years. Phew, wish I had a 'bartending' part-time job there…
Recorded with 5 digital 24p. cameras and mastered in Stereo & 5.1 Dolby Surround sound, Live At CBGB brings a good level of curiosity to the potential buyer. Agnostic Front are so 'imminent' (a perfect combination of Speed/Thrash aggression and Punk songwriting energy) and I'd really laugh some years ago at the news of a 'digital' video release. C'mon, you gotta see 'em in the act to 'weigh up' their balls on stage. Still, the music industry obeys no master and my first thought was hey, this is gonna be a 35+ setlist packed in 50 minutes, or not?
Returning to their beloved gig place, Vinnie Stigma and Co. need no intro to let the HC times roll. No barriers, no curtains, no theatrical lights, nothing needless. Opening up with Eliminator - great riff - a 53-minute show is unfolded in front of (how many???) lunatic fans and the rest needs no wisdom to be predicted. The average quantity of human beings on stage throughout the show is (more or less) 15 'units'. Omit the band members and you got the idea 'bout the dozens of stage diving, crowd-surfing, slam dancing, co-singing and other 'cultural' actions. Agnostic Front has stood the test of time, always 'dedicated' to Hardcore music; this is much appreciated and widely seen during this November 7th, 2005 concert.
As regards the setlist, there's not much to be mentioned: New Jack, Victim In Pain, One Voice, Over The Edge, Gotta Go and Riot, Riot Upstart leave no space for criticism. Out of issue is, as well, the band's performance. Still, there's a good question 'bout the DVD's sound; too clean, too beautiful for a band like Agnostic Front. I see many HC fans getting disappointed by this fact. Hey, it's not Queensryche playin' here! As regards the footage itself, 5 cameras working 'overtime' is a good amount of trust for a 'vivid' video presence.
Carry on: The extra features of the DVD disc bring a few surprises. Apart from the 'rich' photo collection, there's the “Vinnie's Nail documentary. In a funny-yet-touching story, Vinnie explains how he placed a nail at the CBGB dressing room's wall in the late 70's - in one of his first ever live performances there, if I got it straight - to check out many years later the damn fuckin' nail still hanging proud from the same spot on the wall!!! Removing the nail from its original place, I had another reason to confirm the impact of this band all these years. More than a quarter of a century… Adding a full Vinnie Stigma interview (not to forget), Live At CBGB also carries an audio CD of the same gig with two bonus songs not featured on the DVD disc.
Respect, respect, respect. Why then, not a higher rating? Well, it's just the 'sound' thing mentioned above. No hard feelings; this effort is a must have for HC fans even only for being the first Agnostic Front DVD release. Hands down, the band kicks - again - serious NYHC ass and I doubt someone will manage to remain calm while watching such a party take place.

3 Star Rating

New Jack
Victim in Pain
Your Mistake
Blind Justice
Last Warning
All is Not Forgotten
One Voice
Over the Edge
Friend or Foe
Gotta Go
Riot, Riot Upstart
Police State
Public Assistance

Bonus Tracks (only on CD):
So Pure To Me
Take Me Back

DVD Specials:
23 minute documentary on Agnostic Front
Exclusive behind the scenes interview with Vinnie Stigma at CBGB's
Photo gallery
5.1 surround sound and stereo options
Roger Miret - Vocals
Vinnie Stigma - Guitar
Matt Henderson - Guitar
Mike Gallo - Bass
Steve Gallo - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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