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Backyard Babies - Live At Cirkus

Backyard Babies
Live At Cirkus
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 07 March 2017, 10:48 AM

Sweden’s BACKYARD BABIES is back, following a five year hiatus, with a seventeen track live album, entitled “Live At Cirkus.” Formed in 1989, they have half-a-dozen studio albums out with the same line-up from the start. From their webpage, early career highlights include “after signing with MVG Records, the now classic album, 'Total 13' (1998), was released to great acclaim, effectively re-defining low­-slung, Punky Rock 'N' Roll for a fresh generation. It reached gold status in Sweden and picked up a Swedish Grammy, providing the ideal launch-­point for impressive worldwide sales plus a tour across the planet, from Tokyo through to LA.”

Opening with the raucous “Th1st3en or Nothing,” the crowd is into the dirty Rock ‘N Roll sound from the start. It’s a fairly intimate venue with a medium sized stage, the perfect place to see the band you love perform live. ‘The Clash” is obviously a fan favorite, with all three guitarists at the center of the stage and on the mics for the chorus. The shorter songs definitely lend themselves to a more impactful watching experience. Just before the start of “Brand New Hate, singer Nicke is on the monitor, slapping hands with fans. It’s a gritty song with lots of balls and a fun and enjoyable sound, where the riff carries the weight. He gets the fans to throw up their horns just before the guitar solo as well as sing the final few words of the title acapella.

“Dysfunctional Professional” has an old school GENERATION X or THE CLASH feeling to it, definitely flirting with a Punk influence, though more melody over the top. Cheers and whistles from the crowd abound. Following some words for the crowd, the acoustical led “Bloody Tears” provides a tender moment for the fans outside of all the previous energy, which was full-speed ahead. “Heaven 2.9” is fantastic. It’s such an uplifting sound and so it translates to the stage very easily. The band seems totally relaxed playing this song as well. A bombastic ending with flicking lights enhances the performance. “Star War” sees the band whipping the crowd into hand clapping with a drawn out intro, making sure they are not resting on this show for sure.

“Wasted Years” follows the acoustic “Painkiller/Roads.” It has a modern Rock/Pop Punk sound to it, like GREEN DAY or BLINK 182. The melody like in this song is spot on, and this would be a track that I would be singing along with for sure. The final three songs are encores. “Abandon” is a sweet piece that is easy to connect with, and the closer “Look At You” is a high octane track that completes a concert on a positive and celebratory note. Overall, a great DVD. I would have perhaps liked to have seen some backstage footage, and perhaps some of the band interacting with fans or each other, but the concert was fantastic. The effects and stage show pyro is kept to a minimum, giving more time for the band and their music to take center stage. They play a seventeen-song set with boundless energy and give the fans exactly what they were hoping for, delivering a performance worthy of a DVD capture.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Th1rt3en or Nothing
2. Highlights
3. The Clash
4. Made Me Madman
5. Ufo Romeo
6. Brand New Hate
7. Dysfunctional Professional
8. Bloody Tears
9. Heaven 2.9
10. A Song for the Outcast
11. Star War
12. Painkiller/Roads
13. Wasted Years
14. Nomadic
15. Abandon
16. Minus Celsius
17. Look at You
Nicke Borg – Lead vocals, Guitar
Dregen – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Johan Blomquist – Bass
Peder Carlsson – Drums
Record Label: Sony/Gain Music Entertainment


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