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TNT - Live In Madrid (CD/DVD)

Live In Madrid CD+DVD
by Grigoris Chronis at 23 September 2006, 12:09 PM

Norway's TNT should - definitely - not be 'located' in Norway. In the land of 'true' Black Metal, it is not easy enough (and kinda weird) to like and write wonderful songs like Listen To Your Heart, 10,000 Lovers and Everyone's A Star. Since this happened, it was now logical that TNT would rise up to global 'Hard Rock' fame - mainly in the late 80s/early 90s - because whoever is familiar to 'melodic' Hard Rock ensures the guts of this excellent act for nearly 25 years.
From this CD/DVD combo we received only the DVD disc, so do not expect ay CD review; do not 'suspect' any grand differences (I guess), also. TNT's first ever DVD release is not what a fan would possibly expect. Meaning: as soon as the news was spread about extraordinaire vocalist Tony Harnell leaving the band, I was positive the announcement of a DVD would refer to a 'collection' material (TNT has released a dozen of promo videos in their - so far - career and it would be a great 'move' to see such a collection in the future, added by various live footage). Still, the info that the band's upcoming DVD would feature the band onstage at Madrid, Spain did actually take me by surprise. On the other hand, this would be a nice chance the impact of today's TNT on the Hard Rock crowd in year 2006. Both TNT 'comeback' releases were interesting enough - My Religion (MTM, 2004) and All The Way To The Sun (MTM, 2005) - but I was also curious how high-pitched Tony Harnell would be in live 'mode' (no questions asked for Le Tekro; one of the most supreme Hard Rock virtuosos of all time - anytime, anyplace!).
Recorded ('shot') in Madrid, Spain in when, really?, this is the second to last show TNT gave with Tony Harnell on vocals. In front of a rather 'mediocre response' crowd, the musicians' performance is noteworthy. Harnell's voice is still 'sharp' - even though he avoided to 'reach the top' at certain times - clearly proving why he's still considered to be a top Hard Rock singer. In addition, Ronni Le Tekro delivers an ass-kicking performance - 'backed' by an ultra 'good' sound - and is himself a sole reason to grab the DVD. His guitar solo in the middle of the show is outstanding and his 'groove' is so convincing through the songs that you can't keep back but follow his moves on stage (check him out during Listen To Your Heart or As Far As The Eye Can See, for example).
In terms of 'onstage' performance, I was really curious to find out how influenced the band would be due to Harnell's upcoming departure. Yes, Tony is active and audience-friendly but the signs of the future are quite obvious. He seems rather awkward when he's not singing as if he's determined to just do the job. Leaving aside the above-described 'Ronni Le Tekro' fact, the rest of the players seem in fine mood (where are Dahl's hair?) and are eager to enjoy each and every minute. I'd wish the crowd was a little bit more vivid, even if they look like they're having lots of fun (especially in the two last songs).
The track listing could be more charming, but it's - anyway - nice. Highlights include a thunderous take of Invisible Noise plus well-done versions of Listen To Your Heart, As Far As The Eye Can See, She Needs Me (wonderful vocals by Tony!), Seven Seas (I'm touched! A 1984 'diamond' classic!) and 10,000 Lovers (In One) (me? Huh…). There are enough cameras 'shooting' the event, leading in a actual 'live' visual results while the DVD sound is excellent (2.0 Stereo and 5.1 Surround options). Extras in the disc include a straightforward live version of the Everyone's A Star classic during the band's appearance in 2004's Sweden Rock festival, a same-year live take of She Needs Me In Oslo (Rockefeller Music Hall) and an autographic session at the Deep Impact Festival (2004).
The news was spread fast: (ex-)Shy frontman Tony Mills - another outstanding 'melodic' Hard Rock voice - has already replaced Tony Harnell in the 'mic' duties for TNT. Hence, buyers of this release will have the chance to own a piece of TNT history in their collection; a good 'piece' for European Hard Rock music from a band that surely deserves being a premier one in this specific 'field'. Live In Madrid will definitely not disappoint you. So, if you can afford it…

3 Star Rating

Invisible Noise
As Far As The Eye Can See
Downhill Racer
A Fix
She Needs Me
Give Me A Sign
Guitar Solo
Caught Between The Tigers
Listen To Your Heart
Black Butterfly
Seven Seas
Forever Shine On
Fantasia Espanola
My Religion
10,000 Lovers (In One)
Tony Harnell - Vocals
Ronni Le Tekro - Guitars
Diesel Dahl - Drums
Sid Ringsby - Bass
Andy Skov - Keyboards
Record Label: MTM Music


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