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Axel Rudi Pell - Live Over Europe (DVD)

Axel Rudi Pell
Live Over Europe (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 04 March 2008, 10:21 AM

This low profile virtuoso has never been a 'love me or hate me' kinda man, I suppose. So calm, so focused on his music and only, so faithful to his ideals, Axel Rudi Pell has no-doubt earned full respect of his fans while the worst thing expecting from his music may just be it won't attract you anyway (or feel he's stuck to a certain motivo, to tell the truth). In any way, the German melodic Rock/Metal maestro's second DVD release will not fall short of enthusiasm for his 'core' base, but I doubt if any other category will show some dynamic concern. And - I confess - the 'structure' of Live Over Europe does not have the 'quantity' potential to do so.
The first DVD consists of the full gig Axel and his band gave during Rock Hard Festival's 2007 instalment. So, 75 minutes of performance make it big enough for a whole DVD disc? I wonder…The band's performance is in good-to-excellent standards, with Johnny Gioeli (HARDLINE) flirting with some astonishing performance, Axel doing what he's got to do with much of professionalism and less of sham (he somehow extends his soloings' durations at times, but that's the deal in a Pell gig anyway) and the rest of the band delivering the goods in honest sweat. Sweat? Well, be it the non-nervous setlist the band chose to lay on (not much of fast or 'party' tempos) or the crowd's average response/vibe (or vice versa in contradiction), I did not find myself raising my fist in gusto at any time during the set. A set consisting of both Mystica (the band's - then - latest release) tunes plus some older cuts (and an interesting but rather unuseful - for a fest appearance - drum solo), all viewed via 'vivid' multi-camera recording and in some kick-ass sound. Not a bad case, not at all. But, bear in mind you may feel sleepy during certain parts of the show. Hey, this does not apply in any way to the Pell-unatics. Plus, by the way, Tear Down The Walls and Call Her Princess kicked serious ass again played live.
The second disc could raise my interest to a higher level. A collection of 'bootleg' footage from excerpts of the band's various shows throughout Europe the last 3-4 years is always a nice teaser. Omitting the objection that someone would wonder why there were not more different songs (in regards to the first disc's tracklist) included, the summary is that - in a way - this second disc is more of a motive for the 'average' Pell fan to get the DVD. Some of the shooting is more of a bootleg style, while the differentiation in performance from gig to gig is not that visible, since - as known - Axel and Co. is a rather focused band in playing what/when/where/how. Thus, a negative thing can we inherit by this second disc, being the lack of variety in the (total) tracks played on stage. Many of them are the same as in the first disc, while some other are presented twice in this same disc, overall. The good thing is that you can confirm the band's tendency in performing majestic melodic tunes no matter the place or era.
The magical atmosphere of Axel Rudi Pell's music, laying sophisticatedly on his smart-influenced Blackmore taste, has raised his reputation to a respected level worldwide. With a DVD not lacking technical requirements, but rather short of eventual excitement, it is due to your Pell-meter to decide whether you'll finally give Live Over Europe a try or not.


3 Star Rating

Disc 1

Fly To The Moon
Strong As A Rock
The Masquerade Ball/Casbah
Tear Down The Walls
Rock The Nation
The Temple Of The King
Fool Fool
Call Her Princess

Disc 2

Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden - June 12, 2004
- Tear Down The Walls
- Strong As A Rock
Bang Your Head Festival, Germany - June 24, 2005
- Fool Fool
 Z7, Pratteln, Switzerland - June 6, 2005
- The Masquerade Ball/Casbah
- Carousel (incl. Keyboard Solo)
- The Temple Of The King
- Call Her Princess
 Zeche, Bochum, Germany - April 26, 2004
-Legions Of Hell
-Take The Crown
Bloodstock Festival, UK - September 29, 2006
- Rock The Nation
Wacken Open Air, Germany - August 6, 2005
- Strong As A Rock
Zeche, Bochum, Germany - September 30, 2006
- Love Gun
- Oceans Of Time
Zeche, Bochum, Germany - October 1, 2006
- Fly To The Moon
- Mystica
- Haunted Castle Serenade
- Rock The Nation
Graspop Metal Meeting, Belgium - June 25, 2005
- Call Her Princess
Johnny Gioeli - Vocals
Axel Rudi Pell - Guitars
Volker Krawczak - Bass
Ferdy Doernberg - Keyboards
Mike Terrana - Drums
Record Label: SPV


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