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Death SS - 1977-2007: 30 Years Of Horror Music (DVD)

Death SS
1977-2007: 30 Years Of Horror Music (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 21 January 2008, 10:44 AM

I would not imagine a more fitting title for this double DVD release. No way…The Italian masters of evil/twisted Metal music has jut put out an visual combo that is already considered as a 'must' for the band's devotees. Their cult status - plus the lack of many visual goodies in their 30-year career - confirm so. And, funny thing, I was still thirsty for much more after watching both DVDs in a row, in a 4-hour demonic Sabbat…
If you think MERCYFUL FATE or VENOM/CELTIC FROST or the total of Black Metal hordes did push extreme Metal music to its borders, then you can as well reconsider: not more than a couple of bands have exposed such a 'horror' tendency like DEATH SS: a band formed in the mid-to-late 70s(!), straight from the BLACK WIDOW, BLACK SABBATH, COVEN and ATOMIC ROOSTER guts, plus collecting the twisted specialty of the 50s/60s occult horror cinemascope. For a full retrospect of this highly underestimated band a whole series of articles should be published (or 'uploaded') to accompany this release, but let's focus on the DVD itself.
Sin #1: The first disc features video stuff (everything here is rare as hell), divided in 5 parts (please, check the tracklist above). Of special interest is the 1st part, with footage dating back to the 1982-1991 (the 'retro' Metal period of the band, a mix of 70s British Rock and NWOBHM ideals) but all parts are alike: hell yeah, it's DEATH SS! Even the later songwriting (still 'metallic', but now enriched with many goth/electro/computerized stuff) showcases a band endlessly flirting with black magic, witchcraft, the occult, pain, gothic romance and…you get the picture. Most videos are live takes, while virtually all are dubbed in result, something that - eventually - is not irritating since the aim is done: audio/visual heretic supremacy at Satan's service.
As for the songs listed? The Cursed Coven Archive list is on top, actually. All of them. Plus: tunes like Where Have You Gone?, Scarlet Woman, Hi-Tech Jesus, Let The Sabbath Begin and Transylvania are adequate for the DEATH SS portfolio. Last, but not least, a comprehensive discography of this hard working band is available, and this is of great help since DEATH SS is a band having released lots of 7/12 singles apart from their normal albums.
Sin #2: The second disc will 'touch' DEATH SS maniacs. The one and only Steve Sylvester presents a bio of the band, from the early days to the The 7th Seal tour chronicles. The living legend of Italian Metal demonstrates the DEATH SS illustration through the years, from the archetypal Rock/Metal days to the experimental current demonic graphics of today. Various camera footage is presented, giving detailed information on the lineup changes, the makeup concept, the recording/touring sessions and virtually everything a DEATH SS follower would like to know. Not to forget: three songs during a 1998 and 2001 TV appearance are also presented, while there's a vast collection of images in the gallery section.
I'd like some more 'raw' live stuff included (e.g. 2001's Wacken Open Air performance), but (in any way) 1977-2007: 30 Years Of Horror Music is en essential DVD release for - this is the main point - all Metal friends; from the3 NWOBHM 'relic' hunters to the neo-Extreme Metal lunatics. Dressed up in a 'coffin'-shaped case, this double DVD is a thesaurus from a band who's (partially) responsible for extremity in Metal music for 30 years now. In death of Steve Sylvester, long live DEATH SS!!!

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

Rare Footage From The Cursed Coven Archive
- The Night Of The Witch (1982)
- Terror (1988)
- Vampire (1988)
- Horrible Eyes (1989)
- Kings Of Evil (1989)
- In The Darkness (1990)
- Heavy Demons (1990)
Promotional Videos (1991/2001)
- Where Have You Gone? (1991)
- Straight To Hell (1992)
- Broken Soul (1993)
- Guardian Angel (1997)
- Baron Samedi (1997)
- Scarlet Woman (1998)
- Hi-Tech Jesus (1999)
- Lady Of Babylon (2000)
- Let The Sabbath Begin (2000)
- Transylvania (2001)
The Humanomalies Videos 2003
- The Sideshow
- Grand Guignol
- Hell On Earth
- Pain (Uncut Version)
- The Sleep Of Reason
- Sinful Dove
The Horned God Of The Witches Tour 2005
- Chains Of Death (Live)
- Lilith (Live)
- Black And Violet (Live)
- Inquisitor (Live)
The Seventh Seal Era 2006-2007
- Give'Em Hell (Promo Clip)
- Der Golem (Live)
- S.I.A.G.F.O.M. (Live)
- Transylvania (Live)
- Give'Em Hell (Live)
- The 7th Seal (Live)
- All The Singles
- All The Albums

Disc 2

Death SS Documentary
- A Journey Into the World of Death SS (Commented By Steve Sylvester)
Live On TV
- Scarlet Woman (Live At Roxy Bar 7/4/98)
- Let The Sabbath Begin (Live At Help 1/3/01)
- Hi-Tech Jesus (Live at Help 1/3/01)
Photo Gallery
- 110 Posters
Steve Sylvester - Vocals
Glenn Strange - Bass
Dave Simeone - Drums
Freddy Delirio - Keyboards
Record Label: Lucifer Rising


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