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Dissection - Rebirth Of Dissection (DVD)

Rebirth Of Dissection (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 July 2008, 12:18 PM

(Review by Eirini Papadopoulou)
Having served eight years in prison, Jon Nodtveidt is dismissed in 2004 and puts DISSECTION together again. The result: A new album, a tour and a DVD release which unfortunately was meant to be the first and the last of the band.
The Rebirth Of Dissection DVD was shot at Arenan in Stockholm, with a new lineup for the band, including Set Teitan, Brice Leclerq and Tomas Asklund (members of ABORYM, NIGHTRAGE and DARK FUNERAL respectively). October the 30th, and the venue is full of Swedish metalheads yelling out the band's name, eager to watch Jon Nodtveidt and his newly-consisted company performing live in this 'sold out' gig. The scene is filled with the DISSECTION metal crosses and the reaper with his scythe hangs from the ceiling. The lights fade in and the band slowly marches in at the sound of the intro, Fathomless Depths…
One more second and hell breaks loose! DISSECTION opens the gig with Night's Blood, feeding the crowd with their so-called anticosmic Metal of death. The setlist is a gift to DISSECTION fans, as it includes the entire Storm Of The Light's Bane album, the song Maha Kali from Reinkaos (their last album), The Somberlain, Heaven's Damnation, the thrilling Elizabeth Bathori (TORMENTOR cover), and A Land Forlorn at the end.
The audience is enticed and thirsty as expected, watching DISSECTION live for the first time after 7 years of absence! They are palpitating in trance and singing to each and every single song! The band gives a great performance. Jon Nodtvedit doesn't speak too much in between the pauses but stands and performs flawlessly as a bold and dynamic figure! Before playing Retribution he asks for the people's yells and when the song starts the audience goes berserk!
This DVD is excellent as a whole: The image and sound of the gig is of great quality, and is really nicely put together with multiple angle shots that bring out the very essence of the band's performance. It also includes an interview with Jon Nodtveidt, in which he talks not only about the music of DISSECTION but also for his time in prison and hislife philosophy,letting us have a glance inside the mind of this extreme Metal figure. It also includes a photo gallery slideshow with pictures of the band performing live and the music video of the Reinkaos album song, Starless Aeon.
The Rebirth Of Dissection DVD is a must-have for all loyal DISSECTION fans. It is part of a legacy from a band which will live much longer after its death…

4 Star Rating

Intro : At The Fathomless Depths
Night's Blood
Maha Kali
No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep
Where Dead Angels Lie
Retribution - Storm Of the Light's Bane
Thorns Of Crimson Death
Heaven's Damnation
In The Cold Winds Of Nowhere
Elizabeth Bathori
The Somberlain
A Land Forlorn

- Interview With Jon Nodtveidt
- Photo Gallery
- Slideshow
- Music Video: Starless Aeon
Jon Nodtveidt - Vocals,Guitar
Set Teitan - Guitar
Brice Leclerq - Bass
Tomas Asklund - Drums
Record Label: Escapi Music


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