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Grave Digger - 25 To Live (DVD)

Grave Digger
25 To Live - DVD
by David Kaluza at 02 April 2006, 7:04 PM

I remember when I first saw the Grave Digger DVD playing at a mate's house, I was quite impressed by it. It looked good, sounded great and had a brilliant setlist. Sadly though, now that I have had the chance to see it in its entirety, my opinion of it has gone down quite a bit.
The problem with 25 To Live is not the audio portion of the disc. What I originally wrote in my CD review holds true here as well - it has a great sound and pretty much every Grave Digger song you would ever want to hear has an appearance in the setlist. The main fault lies with the visual performance of the band. In contrary to Iron Maiden, who always have great backdrops, a spectacular light show and plenty of on stage action to go with the music, a Grave Digger show comes across as rather uneventful. The stage is completely empty, save for the musicians themselves, the light show works rather cheap and the band members themselves are about as static as they come, with only frontman Chris Boltendahl trying to liven up things a little. Now of course I am aware that Grave Digger doesn't have the same kind of budget that a band like Iron Maiden has, but a little bit more action wouldn't go amiss, and I sadly have to admit that watching this 150 minute performance turned out to be quite a drag.
Apart from this, the disc suffers from another noteworthy problem, namely that it is nearly completely bare bones. Apart from a rather boring “trip to Brazil portion, which is pretty much the same kind of shitty on-the-road documentary that every other Metal band these days feels obliged to put on their DVD's, you get nothing. Nothing at all. No video clips, no interviews or discography, no nothing. And that is an absolute disappointment for a DVD which is supposed to be celebrating 25 years of Grave Digger. Surely it wouldn't have been that much trouble to do a decent documentary about the history of the band and include some live footage from the vaults? Or is that really too much to ask for?
In the end I can't really recommend this disc to anyone except for the most diehard of Grave Digger fans. Make no mistake, it isn't horrible by any means, but in this day and time you come to expect at least a couple of decent extras on your DVDs, especially when the visual performance of the band you are watching is anything but stunning and the competition is so fierce. If you are a Grave Digger fan, then the 2CD/DVD combo is obviously the way to go, since it is offered at a decent price, but the DVD is not worth buying on its own. Casually interested people are better off with just the double CD.

2 Star Rating

Passion (Intro)
The Last Supper
Desert Rose
The Grave Dancer
Shoot Her Down
The Reaper
The House
Circle Of Witches
Son Of Evil
The Battle Of Bannockburn
The Curse Of Jacques
Grave In The No Man's Land
Morgane LeFay
Symphony Of Death
The Dark Of The Sun
Knights Of The Cross
Twilight Of The Gods
The Grave Digger
The Round Table
Heavy Metal Breakdown
A journey To Brazil (extra)
Chris Boltendahl - Vocals
Manni Schmidt - Guitars
Jens Becker - Bass
Hans Peter H.P Katzenburg - Keyboards
Stefan Arnold - Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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