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Hammerfall - Rebels With A Cause... (DVD)

Rebels With A Cause... (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 02 June 2008, 9:42 AM

Yeap, another DVD release from Sweden's most recognizable 'true' Metal act. HAMMERFALL again uses the 'triple U' series with Rebels With A Cause: Unruly, Unrestrained, Uninhibited and, even if I see no particular reason for an average Metal lunatic to get hold of this DVD, truth is the quintet has a strong base of followers, for who any CD, DVD etc marks a special release by their beloved Metal act. This product is solely for them.
The DVD features what the band's been visually 'up to' after 2002's The Templar Renegade Crusades DVD hit the stores. Hence, we're talking 'bout the deeds of the band in the years 2002 - (late) 2007. Mainly featured is a documentary/interview, shot in March 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden, which sees the band speaking regarding touring, recording, funny incidents, other bands, stressful periods, expectations and let-downs, Anders Johansson's drinking and many many many other things their core fans want/need to know for the last 5-6 years. Footage comes mainly from the band's own camera(s), creating a notable 'behind-the-scenes' bootleg connoisseur.
Extra goodies include 6 promo videos shot in the 2002 - 2007 discography, lots of 'behind the scenes' short clips from around the world, TV appearances, the European Athletics Championships 2006 presence and lots of other stuff. Really lots, I'd dare stating. Hence, a real deal for the HAMMERFALL aficionados.
I got somehow bored with this DVD, but that seems rather ordinary since I just like HAMMERFALL's music/attitude and nothing more. For metalheads more 'in' HAMMERFALL this release is a 'must'. I had serious problems trying to figure out accurate info from Nuclear Blast's website but it seems it's going to be released in June 27th, in three editions: a regular DVD, a DVD box and a DVD+CD combo with the Masterpieces 'covers' CD featured as a bonus (which will be also sold separately).

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Rebels With A Cause: Unruly, Unrestrained, Uninhibited (documentary)
Blood Bound (Trackslistan) (TV clip)
Blood Bound (Lanz i P3) (TV clip)
Nor Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn (Alla Tiders Melodifestival) (TV clip)
The Fire Burns Forever (European Athletics Championships 2006) (TV clip)
Rundgeng (SVT) (TV clip)
Templars Of Steel (live)
Unchained (live)
The Templar Flame (live)
Knights Of The 21st Century (Live Filharmonie, Filderstadt, Germany, April 22nd 2005)
Secrets (collage Scandinavium, Goteborg, Sweden, April 30th 2005)
Hearts On Fire (video)
Blood Bound (video)
Hearts On Fire (Olympic version) (video)
The Fire Burns Forever (video)
Natural High (video)
Last Man Standing (video)
Hearts On Fire (Behind The Scenes)
Natural High (Behind The Scenes)
Proppsmollaren / Svullohomage 01 / Svullohomage 02 (short video)
Car Trouble / Macho Madness / Parking Trouble (short video)
Pool The Plug / Somersault / Macho Madness (short video)
Clumsies / Joacim Saves / Gooooooooooal (short video)
Skorpionen / Drumsolo 1 & 2 / Santiago 2007 (short video)
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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