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Korn - Freaks Alive (DVD)

Freaks Alive (DVD)
by Dimitris Karametros at 07 October 2009, 12:38 AM

We've spawned a lot of clones, but let me explain… Well, I hate the Nu-Metal term. We have always just been a band that rocks. We didn't like when people called us a Metal band, we are just KORN. People just use these terms when they cannot describe something, but Nu-Metal… when so many bands started making music that sounded like us, that is when Nu-Metal was born. We don't have anything to do with it for real, I feel. I wouldn't wanna call RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS funk band, and we are not Metal or Nu-Metal, we are KORN. Nu-Metal is just a term that doesn't mean anything.

This was a small quote by Jonathan Davis; it's also in the back of the DVD case with the Freaks Alive gig in Italy 2005, which I must review. It is true that KORN are the pioneers of the music genre they play, whatever that genre is; also it is true that KORN are responsible for the existence of bands like LIMP BIZKIT, who actually did more damage to the Rock genre than anything good. They are also pioneers in the mix of hip hop with Heavy Metal norms and many more thinks I choose to forget or they will make me borrow DeFeis's Two Handed Sword and jump on their stage and cut them down.
The gig is boring, guitars without solo, monotonous riffs, the drummer plays a long solo throughout the live like he does it when his at his home. I start sounding like a bastard, do I? Well in a world were Pink and Katy Perry are Rock, JOB FOR A COWBOY exists and MEGADETH gave us another boring album, it's only fair for KORN to actually Rock on stage and be considered one of the most important Rock bands of the 00's.

Production-wise the DVD by itself is not impressive; it's actually bad, full of low res and…well, that. I thought my eyes would burst out of my skull, not from the head banging but from the picture that had the same quality as a DVD made around 1990. No, it isn't the fault of my media player; I am one of those few lucky bastards that have a cutting edge machine that costs the sum of a small car. Sound is good, period. Bonus footage has 3 pieces from a gig in Woodstock in 1999.

Fans might get it for collective purposes; I, well, I don't see why it should be even part of the Metal Temple review board; oh right, some people think this is Heavy Metal.

1 Star Rating

Here To Stay
Got The Life
Falling Away From Me
Did My Time
Freak On A Leash
Another Brick In The Wall Pt 2
Jonathan Davis - Lead Vocals, Bagpipes
James Shaffer - Guitars
Reginald Arvizu - Bass
David Silveria - Drums, Percussion
Zac Baird - Keyboard, Piano, Backing Vocals (live)
Record Label: Showtime


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