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Onslaught - Live Polish Assault 2007 (DVD)

Live Polish Assault 2007 (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 20 September 2007, 4:38 PM

…Onslaaaaught…power from heeeell…: do you remember the old times, when Thrash Metal ruled the world? Back then, UK maniacs ONSLAUGHT where on the upfront of delivering 'evil' Thrash Metal music to the tortured masses. Years after, the Bristol quintet reunites and - after an excellent comeback 2006 release entitled Killing Piece it's the Live Polish Assault 2007 DVD setting fire to unconcerned brains; a brilliant DVD release that's a 'must' for old-school thrashers and a guide to obscurity for 'new' Extreme Metal fans, since ONSLAUGHT were a vital source of influence for many Death/Black Metal bands playing music nowadays.
As assumed, the main part of this DVD release is the British quintet's gig at Stodola Club in Warsaw, Poland. It's early February and the venue is not loaded with Thrash Metal maniacs, but this case in no way did it prevent the band from performing some maniac Metal music for 90 minutes with much of hostility and none of loftiness. Having released their 'comeback album', Killing Peace in 2006 (through the Candlelight label) - an album marking some excellent fresh-meets-classic 'evil' Thrash Metal tracklist - there was no doubt anyone witnessing this event would have a great time.
And so was it: supported by some ass-kicking sound, ONSLAUGHT performed all their classics from their two first monumental albums, Power Form Hell (1985) and The Force (1986), plus a set of tunes from the Killing Peace release. It's an honor for a Thrash Metal fan to get possessed by lunatic riffs in songs like Let There Be Death, Flame Of The Antichrist, Metal Forces, Demoniac, Angels Of Death and Fight With The Beast plus the latest songs were as charming (sic) as expected, including some killing Twisted Jesus  and Burn cuts. Still, the thrilling part was not far away since the band wrapped up its setlist with a tormenting version of their Power From Hell diamond cut. What a vice feeling…
The band was not willing to stop for a single second. Bearing in mind there's 4/5 of the 80s lineup(s), it should be mentioned that newcomer Alan Jordan is an axeman with tons of capability in performing demonic riffs and blistering solos, while Nige Rockett did no less that presenting the obscure aspect of Thrash Metal music the way he has treated fans the last 20+ years. Their chemistry is obvious and we all want more in the future from this malevolent duo. On the background, Hinder and Grice offer a 'warmonger' rhythm section - check their 'eyes-closed' cooperation throughout the concert - while there should be limited talk 'bout Sy Keeler's singing since it took not more than a couple of minutes and some haunted screams to persuade even the most 'stuck' disbeliever. The man's still obsessed…
As for the visual aspect(s): the venue seems ideal for Metal concerts. The perfect stage, with viewing ability from everywhere, a great sound (as pre-mentioned), some terrific lighting system and…what else do you want? Yeah, lots of bonus goodies in these release! So, added is a set of four songs from ONSLAUGHT's Japan tour in September 2006 - check how crazy the Japanese crowd still is - plus a two-piece audio offering with a brilliant Let There Be Rock/Let There Be Death live medley from the Bristol, UK 1987 days. Not to forget, included is a 'long' interview with both Keeler and Rockett plus a wealthy photo gallery/biography/discography/desktop images/weblinks section.
Killing Peace was no kind of firework. Live Polish Assault 2007 adds lots of value on ONSLAUGHT. Summary? The legendary band is back for good and rather hungry for performing some demonic British Thrash Metal upon our worried necks. If you keep away from this DVD then there's a good reason your soul will be endlessly tormented in the years to come. ONSLAUGHT still plays excellent Thrash Metal music, both in the studio and onstage; you've been warned.

4 Star Rating

Let There Be Death
Angels Of Death
Thermonuclear Devastation Of The Planet Earth
Killing Peace
Fight With The Beast
Metal Forces
Twisted Jesus
Flame Of The Antichrist
Power From Hell

- Bonus video: Live in Japan, September 2006
- Bonus audio: Live at Bristol Colston Hall, 1987
- Interview with Nige Rockett and Sy Keeler
- Photo gallery
- Biography
- Discography
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
Sy Keeler - Vocals
Nige Rockett - Guitars
Alan Jordan - Guitars
James Hinder - Bass
Steve Grice - Drums
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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