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Pink Cream 69 - Past & Present (DVD)

Pink Cream 69
Past & Present (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 05 November 2009, 9:51 AM

The release of this DVD package coincides with (or springs from) the German band's 20th anniversary. PINK CREAM 69 has had a juicy career so far, with a series of excellent albums - well, we can as well omit a couple - striking hard into Hard/Heavy crossover fans' stomachs. Long now fronted by England native Davis Readman, the creamers show no will to step back from the music business and - thankfully - this present enhanced video injection shows why.
Had the chance to see PINK CREAM 69 onstage at this year's Bang Your Head festival (Germany) and was impressed by their current dynamics, while solid was their trademark to still unite hardrockers and metallers in one big company. Even if their more classic albums are considered to be their first couple with Andy Deris (now in HELLOWEEN) as their singer, truth is - for the ones who did not stop showing their devotion to the German outfit - their 00's releases are also featuring a notable string of compositions and dynamic approach to all these crucial elements celebrated by fans of powerful Hard ‘n' Heavy music. If, saleswise, PINK CREAM 69 still is a successful band is something I'm not aware of, but it takes just common sense to applaud the band's nonstop work for notable works and some general classy spirit printed both on disc and stage.
This package is as stuffed as it can get. The main dish includes the band's anniversary concert in Karlsruhe, Germany where - for one hour and a half - the crowd gets a load of PC69 energy with pieces from their entire discography. The band rolls well in the music part, both the musicians and the crowd could have been a little bit more energetic in reaction, I guess, the sounds is excellent, the same goes for the camera angles building up a representative eye-witness for that evening and…what else?…you'll have a nice time watching this January 2009 concert, no doubt.
The bonus material in disc one is as teasin' as the main menu, once again said. Here we have acoustic material from 2007's Das Fest, a joyful 'timeline' interview with Dennis Ward, Alfred Koffler, Kosta Zafiriou, Jan Bayati (management), David Readman and Uwe Reitenaue (the musical stereotypes… section is really to-the-point) plus some backstage/sidestage shots you'll fancy. Disc two carries on with the complete Size It Up - Live In Japan 1992 video (yeap, Andy Deris is on vocals - an excellent gig) plus footage from Masters Of Rock fest (2007). Something video collectors will be pleased with is the inclusion of all PINK CREAM 69 promo videos to date, too (still, why is One Step Into Paradise presented in such poor quality?).
A DVD release needs no special saying, whatsoever, apart from the attributes related to the stuff inside. In the case of these Germans, in specific, Past & Present double DVD serves as an excellent companion for fans of the band. You won't be disappointed, no way; there's tons of stuff inside, see? Long live PC69.

P.S.: In a separate package the Live In Karlsruhe double CD is to be released at the same date with the DVD video. Why do we not get a compact DVD/CD package? Dunno…

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

20th Anniversary Concert At Karlsruhe
- Children Of The Dawn
- Do You Like It Like That
- Hell's Gone Crazy
- Lost In Illusions
- The Hour Of Freedom
- I'm Not Afraid
- Talk To The Moon
- Carnaby Road
- Break The Silence
- One Step Into Paradise
- That Was Yesterday
- The Spirit
- Livin' My Life For You
- Welcome The Night
- Seas Of Madness
- Keep Your Eye On The Twisted
- No Way Out
- Shame
'Das Fest' Bonus Material
- One Step Into Paradise (Acoustic Version)
- The Spirit (Acoustic Version)
- Better Days (Acoustic Version)
Interview & Backstage Material

Disc 2

Size It Up - Live In Japan' Video
- Take Those Tears
- Welcome The Night
- Do You Like It Like That
- Signs Of Danger
- Where The Eagle Learns To Fly
- Livin' My Life For You
- Rolling Down A Thunder
- Talk To The Moon
- Hell's Gone Crazy
- One Step Into Paradise
- Detroit Rock City
- White Men Do No Reggae
'Masters Of Rock' Bonus Material
- Do You Like It Like That
- Lost In Illusion
- The Hour Of Freedom
- Seas of Madness
- Shame
Video Clips
- One Step Into Paradise
- Livin' My Life For You
- Signs of Danger
- Face In The Mirror
- Keep Your Eye On The Twisted
- 20th Century Boy
- Only The Good
- Shame
David Readman - Vocals
Alfred Koffler - Guitars
Dennis Ward - Bass
Kosta Zafiriou - Drums
Uwe Reitenaue - Bass
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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