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Sodom - Lords Of Depravity 1 (DVD)

Lords Of Depravity 1 - DVD
by Grigoris Chronis at 26 February 2006, 9:13 PM

German Thrash legends (they are legends, no questions asked) Sodom may be known to millions of people for billions of reasons, but - in my mind - they are also related to the following two basic facts: a) this band is maybe the only one of the 'classic' 80's bands still capable of releasing pure fuckin' European Thrash Metal albums, b) the day Sodom quit, the same day Metal music (in general) will lose one of the most original/influential bands ever. That's just the way it is.
This double DVD release (Part One, with Part Two DVD to be released somewhere in 2006, I guess) was highly anticipated from the day it had been 'announced'. With a history synonymous to Thrash Metal music's existence itself, Tom Angelripper's diabolical trio (any era) has delivered some of the most hard-driving, neck-breaking, headbanging Thrash pieces of all time. Sodom's triumph over all these 23 years is not only 'pictured' via their popularity in the Thrash (and not only) Metal field, but also through their definite influence on hundreds of Thrash/Death/Black Metal bands worldwide. Even if the band changed nearly ten guitarists within 20+ years of existence, mastermind Tom Angelripper's vision for Sodom seems the mere reason for the band's huge success.
DVD I - Historical Depravity: Believe it or not, this disc is the 90% of the entire release's value! A hint: close the door's room, 'bury' your cell phone and do nothing else than stick to the screen. There's total devotion needed in order to watch this 180-minute historic documentary, managed by Tom Angelripper himself. Featuring tons of rare photo/audio/video stuff, Angelripper (mainly) shares the Sodom 'magic' from the very beginning (1980 or 1981). The mining industry of Gelsenkirchen, the 300 Euros needed for the first bass guitar, the Motorhead/Venom influence, everything. Up to 1995 - where the Part Two release will focus - this visual document features nearly all ex-Sodom members speaking and giving their own facts and opinions on various things. Everyone seems excited to speak 'bout their relation to the Sodom history, even if there were stressed times now and then. Proof of enchantment?
You can see a drunk Chris Euro-Lombardo Witchhunter (drums, 1983 - 1992), the first 'official' guitarist Grave Violator, later axemen Frank Blackfire (later in Kreator), Michael Hoffmann (ex-Assassin) and Andi Brings, plus Witchhunder's replacement Atomic Steif (Living Death, Violent Force etc). Also on the talk are various band-related people e.g from SPV or fellow Metal bands (Kreator, Motorhead, Six Feet Under). Well, not much can be said on paper. This 'essay' is a must-see: the older fans will eventually shed a tear and the younger ones will pick up the Sodom albums of that era not already in their collection first thing in the (next) morning. That simple.
DVD II - Live Depravity/Clip Collection: Nearly 100% music in this one. Various live clips are demonstrated in the disc, taken from the band's post-1995 lineup gigs worldwide (Angelripper, Bernemann, Schottkowski). Songs from the early years (Witching Metal, Outbreak Of Evil), the mid years (Agent Orange, The Saw Is The Law) or the latest works (Among The Weirdcong, Napalm In The Morning) present high energy on stage of famous Metal festivals (Wacken Open Air, Rockhard, With Full Force) plus Sodom's gig in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2004. Three video clips are also featured as bonus, with the rare Die Stumme Ursel (a huge 1994 Sodom hit in Germany) kicking major funny Metal ass!
It's really hard to try and write down every single emotion 'bout this double DVD set. Even if there seems to be some 'studio touch' in the first disc's video features, though you'll be exhausted after this five-hour 'movie', it's one thing that matters: this release is immense! Immense for the loyal Sodomaniacs (try to avoid suicide via window/balcony diving afterwards), immense for every old/young Thrash Metal fan, immense for the entirety of metalheads related to Extreme Metal music. It's unholy, it's filthy, it's 'speedy', educational, it's 'loaded', it's a thesaurus. No way stayin' away! Onkel Tom awaits!

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

DVD I: Historical Depravity:
- Band history 1982-1995

Disc 2

DVD II: Live depravity - Clip Collection:
Among The Weirdcong (Live Clip, Mix)
Vice Of Killing (Live Clip, Sofia)
Outbreak Of Evil (Live Clip, Sofia)
Masquerade In Blood (Live Clip, Sofia)
On Tour Worldwide
The Saw Is The Law (Live Clip, Mix)
Remember The Fallen (Live Clip, With Full Force)
Die Stumme Ursel (Live Clip, With Full Force)
M-16 (Live Clip, Rockhard)
Press Worldwide
Napalm In The Morning (Live Clip, Mix)
Nuclear Winter (Live Clip, Sofia)
Tombstone (Live Clip, Sofia)
Sodomized (Live Clip, Sofia)
Eat Me (Live Clip, Sofia)
Sodom Worldwide
Code Red Incl. Intro (Live Clip, Wacken)
Aber Bitte Mit Sahne (Live Clip, Wacken)
Wachturm (Live Clip, Wacken)
Agent Orange (Wacken)
Fans Worldwide
Sodomy And Lust (Live Clip, Sofia)
Witching Metal (Live Clip, Sofia)
Backstage (Sofia)
Ausgebombt (Live Clip, Sofia)
Ace Of Spades (Live Clip, Sofia)
Backstage (Sofia)
Stalinhagel (Live Clip, Mix)
Ausgebombt (Clip)
Silence is Consent (Clip)
Die Stumme Ursel (Clip)
Tom Angelripper - Bass & Vocals
Bernemann - Guitars
Bobby Schottkowski - Drums
Record Label: SPV Records


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