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Solitude Aeturnus - Hour Of Despair (DVD)

Solitude Aeturnus
Hour Of Despair (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 20 September 2007, 4:34 PM

The Doom Metal masters have been virtually 'dead' for eight whole years! But…not dead at all. Last year's Alone comeback release did mark SOLITUDE AETURNUS being back on the spot while this year's Hour Of Despair DVD release confirms the Texas, USA outfit is back for good and you should sink your teeth into this Doom Metal massacre the band (still) offers fifteen years after its first strike. Doom or be doomed, in other words!
Alone received outstanding reviews all over the world, verifying SOLITUDE AETURNUS would not lose the game of 'cult' recognition that easily. OK, many fans stiffed upper lip watching charismatic frontman Robert Lowe joining the CANDLEMASS camp but - with Lowe ensuring us he'll also be behind the SOLITUDE AETURNUS mic - there's no reason for thinking pessimistically. Letting aside the fact that the new CANDLEMASS album - King Of The Grey Islands - was a thrilling release too, let's focus on the US band's February 2007 trip to Poland (joining British legends ONSLAUGHT and Polish deathsters VADER onstage on a mini festival).
The band is in fine mood. So is the crowd, interacting with SOLITUDE AETURNUS in a mystique way. The sound is simply awesome! Everything is heard 'as is', while all instruments are in equal level in the mix, providing a sound as solid as in the band's studio recordings. Lowe's singing/presence is majestic: he grabs you by the balls and will not let you down until you pray for mercy. The rest of the lineup is also in top form. The solos are crystal clear and the rhythm section is thriving, providing a great backup for Lowe to expose his most esoteric manifest…
…in a 'killer' setlist consisting of songs from (one omitted) all of the band's albums. The latest Alone release is represented here by the opening track, Scent Of Death, Waiting For The Light, Sightless and Is There. These new songs are already SOLITUDE AETURNUS classics. Plus: the 1991 Into The Depths Of Sorrow debut is present with Destiny Falls To Ruin, 1994's Through The Darkest Hour successor donates Haunting The Obscene, Pawns OF Anger, (my god!) Falling and (my god, again!) The 9th Day: Awakening, 1996's Downfall requires our attention with Phantoms and - last but not least - 1998's Adagio serves Mental Pictures and Days Of Prayer. Hmmm…no tune off 1992's Beyond The Crimson Horizon splendid album? Sirs, these can be a certain drawback for your setlist!
This DVD release sees a kinda 'golden' bonus set: 'bootleg' versions of two SOLITUDE AETURNUS gigs in Texas, USA back in 1987(!) and 1992 are present here. A real 'treasure' for the band's followers, you should not pay attention that much to the audio/visual quality but rather on the historic meaning of this footage. The 1987 excrept even offers you Into Battle, a never-before-released SOLITUDE AETURNUS track. Thankfully, in the 1992 we can hear a certain doze of Beyond… material, truly fresh back then!
Including even more bonus goodies (an in-depth interview with Lowe and Perez plus bio/disco/image stuff), Hour Of Despair - apart from being the first ever SOLITUDE AETURNUS DVD release - should be treated as another excellent sample of the band's power and domination in the Doom Metal field. Fans of the band have already obtained it, while this disc is essential for every 'strict' Metal fan. Again…doom or be doomed!

4 Star Rating

Scent Of Death
Haunting The Obscure
Mental Pictures
Destiny Falls To Ruin
9th Day
Is There
Pawns of Anger
Waiting For the Light
Days Of Prayer
Tomorrow's Dead

- Bonus video: Live at Dallas, Texas, 1992
- Bonus video: Live at Ft Worth, Texas, 1987
- Interview with Robert Lowe and John Perez
- Photo gallery
- Band history
- Discography
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
Robert Lowe - Vocals
John Perez - Guitars
Steve Moseley - Guitars
James Martin - Bass
Steve Nichols - Drums
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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