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Twisted Sister - Live At Wacken (The Reunion) (DVD)

Twisted Sister
Live At Wacken (The Reunion) - DVD
by Michael Dalakos at 10 August 2005, 8:19 PM

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Guess what I bought yesterday here in Athens! The brand new Twisted Fu*** Sister DVD! Oh, I can't wait to see my mother's reaction when I put this one on. Will she freak out like she did 15 years ago? Will she start the preaching once again? You've grown up and still you listen to this Twisted Brother music - No Ma, it's Twisted Sister - Whatever, Brother, Sister, I can't tell the difference anyway!. OK, I'm just kidding, she loves Twisted fu*** Sister (especially those cool videos I still have somewhere…).
Those of you who will spot this release in a store will probably notice the term DVD-plus. So what does this plus mean? DVD-plus is a two sided disc. On one side there is the DVD program. On the other side there is an audio CD written. Cool two-in-one feature. It looks kinda spooky at first but this is a total respect situation. I wonder what they will come up with next. Maybe cherry-flavored DVDs. Sounds brilliant to me!
As you have probably noticed in the tracklist of the DVD segment, there are a lot of interviews intervening between the songs. So this one looks pretty much like a documentary. Of course Twisted Fu**** Sister deliver pretty much all their classic hits, but I have a small complaint: couldn't they have added a feature so one could see only the live performance avoiding pressing the next button all the time? Anyway this is not such a big deal especially if you stop and think what this DVD offers: the history of a band influential and beloved by the fans like few else. It makes you think what this band would have offered in all those years of absent… don't ask me what Twisted Fu**** Sister look like on stage. Those of you who've seen them can simply fall to your knees and worship.
On the other hand the audio CD contains a lot of cool stuff covering live performances from an almost twenty years period. Twisted Fu**** Sister are legends. To summarize with one word this review: essential!!!

5 Star Rating

Disc 1

Intro - What You don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You)
In The beginning
The Final Show… 1987 (interviews)
The Kids Are back
Stay Hungry
The Speaks Reunion (interviews)
A Night For Jason (interviews)
Like A Knife In The Back
VH1 behind The Music (interviews)
The New York Steel benefit (interviews)
Under The Blade
Old School Returns (interviews)
You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
The Fire Still Burns
The U.S.O. Tour Of South Korea April 2003 (interviews)
Shoot 'Em Down
We're No Gonna take it
Festivals (interviews)
The Price
Reflections (interviews)
Burn In Hell
I Wanna Rock
Intro Of band - S.M.F.

Disc 2

Bad Boys Of Rock 'N' Roll *
Born To be Wild *
I'll Never Grow Up, Now! *
You Know I Cry *
You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll **
What You Don't Know (Sure Can Hurt You) ***
The Kids Are Back ***
Stay Hungry ***
Like A knife In the Back ***
I Am, I'm Me ***
The Fire Still Burns ***

* Detroit, Portchester, NY (May 1980)
** Marquee, London, UK (December 1982)
*** Wacken Open Air, Germany (August 2003)
Dee Snider - Vocals
Jay Jay French - Guitars
Mark Mendoza - Bass
Eddie Ojeda - Guitar
AJ Pero - Drums
Record Label: Drakkar Records


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