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Various Artists - Metallica And The Dawn Of Thrash (DVD)

Various Artists
Metallica And The Dawn Of Thrash (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 29 October 2008, 1:26 PM

This is not a METALLICA DVD; it's a documentary containing METALLICA parts and heavily promoted as a METALLICA-centered disc. Bad thing is we're dealin' again with the hyper-promotion of something related to the Four Horsemen. Good thing is many 'TALLICA fans will eventually find out more than they knew regarding the Thrash Metal movement and/or other species like e.g. the NWOBHM myth.
I like documentaries with a chronological sequence. Focusing on the ingredients of Thrash Metal, the DVD takes us initially to British places, narrating on the start of it all in the late 70s. Malcome Dome speaks (the most 'Metal' journalist of the 80s?), DIAMOND HEAD's Brian Tatler remembers and ELIXIR memorizes. To listen to British musicians of that era commending on the movement's philosophies, the fashion of Punk at that times,  the supremacy of IRON MAIDEN and THIN LIZZY and JUDAS PRIEST…good thing. It's great the makers of this DVD did find footage of the late 70s/early 80s to include in this title. Not to forget; no MOTORHEAD absence over 'ere, haha!
LAAZ ROCKIT's Aaron Jellum introduces us to the 'wave' transferred in full speed to the other side of the Atlantic circa 1981-2. Under the SABBATH/MAIDEN/PRIEST/MOTORHEAD influence, small towns and neighborhoods (especially in the San Francisco area) see bands spewing out of everywhere, taking this British heavy stuff to a more 'hardened' extend. What happened after is more or less known to many 30-years-old-plus metalheads but it is good to see opinions and judgments by many players of the scene back then (musicians from D.R.I., HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, NEUROSIS, MACHINE HEAD, SACRILEGE BC are included).
To the concept behind: OK with the Thrash dawn and stuff like this, truth is the METALLICA 'brand' is served multiple times throughout the DVD. Lars and James speak, too, while - for obvious reasons - a central idea is monitored to parallel the up-growth of Thrash Metal with the time-fitting development of the METALLICA days. Should more space be given to other bands, too? Of course! Enough esteem have albums like Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets in the ranks of metalheads. The value of ANTHRAX, still, is portrayed, along with SLAYER's satanic assaults and the 'beloved topic' name of Dave Mustaine and MEGADETH (Chris Poland articulates on his days in the band).
OK, if this DVD sells at a more-than-fair price, it's not a bad idea getting a glimpse to things you already know and ones you were not aware of. A basic (amongst other ones) gap? Just a slight reference to European Thrash Metal; it's not as if the existence of the METs was the spine for the dogmas circulating in the USA in the early 80s. Hmmm, not that accurate, but basic for the Aural Amphetamine DVD.
Alright, you may have a good time watching this, of course, especially with good company and stacks of beers.
P.S.: …San Francisco was anti-poser…; excuse me if time proved to be a more fair evaluator.

2 Star Rating

Record Label: Sexy Intellectual/Chrome Dreams


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