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Vicious Rumors - Crushing The World (DVD)

Vicious Rumors
Crushing The World - DVD
by Grigoris Chronis at 16 July 2005, 11:46 AM

My first connection to this excellent American band was through shred guitarist Vinnie Moore's participation in their Soldiers Of The Night (1986) debut. I wasn't sure what Moore was doing in this pure Heavy/Power/Speed Metal outfit, but I was lucky to discover Vicious Rumors; a band that turned out to be a real fave in the U.S. scene ever since. Hence, the announcement of this DVD release wouldn't let me dispassionate. Before the DVD began to play, I really hoped they'd be Crashing The World through my DVD player… They did…
Even if our truly missed Carl Albert (one of the most significant voices of 80's U.S. 'Metal'; a real loss…) was - for many fans - the most apparent reason to know the band, Vicious Rumors always presented a solid mix of 'steel' vocals with thunderous Metal guitars and a heavy-as-fuck rhythm section. The Albert-era of the band - Digital Dictator (1988), Vicious Rumors (1990) and Welcome To The Ball (1991) - surely stands above their next releases, still I think V.R. did manage to deliver quality music in every single album (with their ups and downs) while they're surely praised because they never disbanded (no reunion shit here…). The band's fan base lies now nearly only on the European side, still they used to have a good impact on Japan and in the U.S. (especially in the late 80's/early 90's).
I think Vicious Rumors owed a DVD to their core fans, and - thankfully - Crushing The World does its job perfectly! A dozen songs from the quintet's discography (some new ones, too) performed live during the band's summer festival appearances (Bang Your Head fest etc) plus a 'sweet' live clip with Carl Albert (Lady Took A Chance, at the Marquee, London, as far as I could see) offer a first rate chance for the Rumors fans worldwide to confirm the band's great chemistry/power/flame to both classic - Albert-era - tunes and more up-to-date tracks. Banging with On The Edge, Digital Dictator and Abandoned while moving viciously back and forth with Fight and Poveglia, I couldn't avoid noticing the efficiency in the way Geoff Thorpe (mainman) manages the band, leaving space for all members on (and off) stage. Speaking of which: among the songs there are presentations from all musicians for 'key' points of the V.R. history plus various backstage shots with lots of laughter but also with a clear message that Vicious Rumors is NOT Thorpe's project (this goes for the pre-mentioned, above) but a regular Metal band that - correct me if I'm wrong - still stands proud, despite the various - lineup or health - problems that occurred during this over 20 years career.
Added to this excellent DVD release - great picture and an easy-as-hell menu - are (the?) four videos the band shot with Albert for TV promotion (I'd rather say MTV promotion…). Against The Grain, Children, Don't Wait For Me and The Voice depict in the most clear way what an ass-kicking U.S. Metal band Vicious Rumors still is, opposed to certain trends and devoted to this adorable, specific West Coast Heavy Metal sound.
Please, have a minute in putting together the two vocal periods; not for a comparison but for confirmation that there are bands that do not tend to change that match, thus they achieve in carrying on with a certain identity that only applause can 'create'. The only con: I'd rather wish they'd not focus that much on the Albert-era songs sung by another singer; I'd prefer more new songs with the equivalent frontman or more old songs with Albert… On the other side, look at me; what am I saying now? Crashing The World kicks ass and if you're into the band you better grab it fast! Vicious Rumors have not yet expressed any certain thoughts for putting out four DVDs a year (money talks…), so this release is - from all points of view - unique. On the edge!!!
- Album Highlights: Heavy Metal, the American way.

4 Star Rating

Down To The Temple (Live)
On The Edge (Live)
Digital Dictator (Live)
Poveglia (Video)
March Or Die (Live)
Fight (Live)
Only Live Twice (Live)
Don't Wait For Me (Live)
Lady Took A Chance (Live & Clips, w/ Carl Albert)
Broken Wings (Video)
Abandoned (Live)
Bonus: Against The Grain (Video)
Bonus: Children (Video)
Bonus: Don't Wait For Me (Video)
Bonus: The Voice (Video)
Geoff Thorpe - Guitar
Brian O' Connor - Vocals
Ira Black - Guitar
Cornbread - Bass
Dan Lawson - Drums
Record Label: Mascot Records


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