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White Lion - Bang Your Head Festival 2005 (DVD)

White Lion
Bang Your Head Festival 2005 (DVD)
by Grigoris Chronis at 20 November 2008, 12:56 PM

Mike Tramp's band (or 'WHITE LION', if you believe so) had their last minute surprise act BYH 2008 appearance recorded on video; taking the chance, the resulting DVD will hit the stores early next month.
Bang Your Head!!! festival is one of Germany's leading summer Metal fests, first held in 1996; as we speak, preparations have already began in planning 2009's edition. Flirting equally with (mainly) '80s breed' Metal and Hard Rock acts, it was 2005 that saw the appearance of Mike Tramp and his band. Taking a closer look to the 60-minute setlist above, it's clear all of the multi-platinum American 80s Hard Rock band's albums are honoured. In front of a could-be-warmer crowd, the quintet performs a 'heavy' edition of beautiful WL songs like e.g. Hungry, Broken Heart and Wait.
Mike's voice still has this specific warmth, even if he does not push his 'stuffed' throat to more 'demanding' melodies. Truth is there are times (like in Lonely Nights or Little Fighter or Broken Heart's intro) that you'll feel your spine shivering, if an admirer of the Danish vocalist; yet, it's too ambitious to expect something more. Thankfully, the backing vocals are more than well-worked and bring on the 'trademark' dominance of WHITE LION choir harmonies. Anti-Vito Bratta axeman Jamie Law does his best to overcome the challenge and - should be said - he eventually does justice, providing the band with an adequate level. The rest of the players also saw their teeth in some good mood recital, even if the keys' sound is as pale as it can get (and strogness is a necessity in 'melodic' parts). On the whole, the quintet's performance is good, even if far-off from the 80s heyday.
The live set (featuring some obscure WHITE LION tracks - Fight To Survive, Lonely Nights, Living On The Edge - and It's Over in the bonus section!) is pleasant to see/hear, the performance is good, the sound does not lack something essential (apart from the keys issue). Sum it up and you have a why not? live DVD release. If you expect to see a revival of the original lineup, on the other hand, do not even touch…

3 Star Rating

Bang Your Head Festival 2005:
- Lights And Thunder
- Hungry
- Lonely Nights
- Broken Heart
- Fight To Survive
- Little Fighter
- Living On The Edge
- Tell Me
- Wait
- Radar Love
Interview With Mike Tramp
Slide Show
Lights And Thunder Across The USA
Easter Eggs - Live in the USA:
- Hungry
- It's Over
Mike Tramp - Vocals
Claus Langeskov - Bass
Jamie Law - Guitars
Troy Patrick Farrell - Drums
Henning Wanna - Keyboards
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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