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Dyed In Grey - Anguish and Ardor

Dyed In Grey
Anguish and Ardor
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 04 July 2018, 4:40 AM

DYED IN GREY are a Progressive Fusion Metal band from Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. It’s their second full length release since “The Abandoned Part” back in 2013. They released an EP called “The Forgotten Sequence” in 2015 and a few singles too for each album. “Anguish and Ardor” is completely instrumental, they didn’t use vocals this time. The cover design was made by Paul Loew (Bass). Influences range from MESHUGGAH to Allan Holdsworth, Steve Vai to John Coltrane, in a wide variety of complex music for this technical metal that DYED IN GREY has to offer We have eleven songs for a total of more than hour of quality Progressive Metal, sweeping melodies and a multitude of variations of clean to raw sections for the benefit of the Prog and guitar musicianship hunger in you.

"A New Obsession" starts it up pretty with complex guitars, multiples time variations and good melody teamed up with strong bass lines to form quite a powerful opener. A warm welcome for what’s to come. "Carry the Ghost" is quite chaotic (in a good way) multiple pretty fast paced breakdowns and guitar riffs and jazz inspired drumming carries the whole weight of this Mammoth of a song. We are offered a clean light passage that made me think about Chuck Schuldiner's (DEATH) way to vent it all while the song is getting overloaded, leaving the place for some creative drumming. We can hear the bass pretty well, but the production could be cleaner for that kind of music. After that we have an ascension to insanity level just before calming down to catch our breath. "The Inquisitor" is quite complex too but has melodies that are easier to apprehend and tame. A few repetitions makes it more catchy and easier to appreciate at first listen. Quite a good song. In the last minutes of the song we have great acoustic guitar and bass grooves, to let us travel to higher levels of consciousness just before the storm swipes us in to headbang town.

"Drag the Hollows" has a Jazzy approach that I really like, carrying us to majestic guitar melodies. This one is different from what I've heard for now. Jazz Fusion got absorbed in a metal vortex and the results are quite interesting. This is my favorite track for now. Wow i love it! To end the circle properly why not going to the starting pattern of the song to end it well. Well done. "Tars" uses time signatures that are very efficient and original. We can hear distinctively each instrument intertwined in this collaboration, this mosaic of harmonic contingent. More solos involved here. "The Traveler" uses thrash chords a little in first minute to leave place to dissonant ones. This one reminds me of GOJIRA a little. Very headbanging ready. A few passages are easy to assimilate and are perfect. The drum uses blast beats here and there. Heading to another melodic guitar work, solos and pretty cool harmonies we are ending it in beauty in an old school fade out till the silence welcomes us in his arms. "Omnipresence" is hazy, light, and dreamy. What a nice way to make a cut in the album and let us breathe a little. We hear energetic moments in the half of the song but no difficult passages to explore. The use of piano samples is quite cool at the end of the song, synths too.

"Reservoir of Discord" is reminiscent of CYNIC a lot in my opinion. Awesome track. Nice progressions. We have great musicians here. In "Slain from the Foundation of the Word,” we walk forward on jazz yards. Jazzy structures used pretty much here. They use a pattern that I’m used to now, three first parts on four are heavier or energetic and the last part leaves place for a more lightly approach. "At the Mountain of Madness" invokes more movement and insanity. Plenty of breakdowns, the drumming is crazy and very interesting. The guitar playing is like the title says…MAD. “Empyrean Continuance" is very similar of what we can hear in the earlier tracks. It ends quite in a strange way, since this is the second fade out of the album. We have great talent here, and great inspiration too.

This is a very interesting album. The only thing I'd say is that it is pretty dense and heavy to deal with. This is for people that are very interested in very complex music and for long listening. I think they should have done two albums with this material, much easier to pass through. But i like this kind of music. The weakness is the production that lacks a little something. The album can be seen in two parts maybe…first is more complex and aggressive while the second half is more jazz inspired and has more clean and light passages. Great Album!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. A new Obsession
2. Carry the Ghost
3. Drag the Hollows
4. The Inquisitor
6. The Traveler
7. Omnipresence
8. Reservoir of Discord
9. Slain From the Foundation of the Earth
10. At the Mountains of Madness
11. Empyrean Continuance
Adam Edgemont - Guitar
Rob Dukarm - Guitar
Paul Loew - Bass
Travis Orbin - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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