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Grief Collector - En Delirium Award winner

Grief Collector
En Delirium
by Craig Rider at 12 April 2021, 5:23 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: GRIEF COLLECTOR; signed via Petrichore Records, performing Doom Metal, on their debut album entitled: "En Delirium" (released May 14th, 2014).

Since formation in 2017; the trio in question have an EP entitled: "From Dissension To Avowal" (released April 1st, 2019, also included in this release) & this here debut album entitled: "En Delirium". "En Delirium" ranges at around 47:46 while the second segment of said release contains EP number 1 for good measure… This portion ranges at around 30:52 - GRIEF COLLECTOR arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Doom Metal developments.

Opening up with this groovy calamity within the "Corridors" of rompy rampancy and blistering bruisers in belting adrenaline, GRIEF COLLECTOR belts eardrums with this solid slab of punchy jumpiness. Striking with ripping shreds where killer slays lacerate speakers with thunderous triggers while pummelling virtuosity quintessentially quakes with rumbling reverberation, snaring this vicious tonality where towering momentum manifests this primitively raw aesthetic in boisterously bouncy frenzies that rollick with wildly rushing catchiness and deadly firepower expertise chisel a dense ability in trailblazing sturdiness while thudding with sulfurous yet mountainous melody - where ruthlessly overdriving pandemonium promptly pulverises you with strong perseverance.

Consisting of Robert Lowe on vocals, the frontman excels at a clean, high-pitched persistence. Where throaty soars yell with shouty roars, pipes scream with organic substance & profusely robust singing stability that showcases this unique panache on skyrocketing performances that will mesmerise you with the sublime remedy, merged with the gnarly amplify on outrè èclat and distorted flamboyance demonstrated here. "Wintersick" carries on the weighty tightness of chunky harmonies, as Matt on the dynamic dexterity of the euphonic fretworks attributes his guitar prowess which provides rapidly swift nimbleness. Chugging an audible frolic, incorporating an infectiously driving bass injection in between. Fuelling a thumpy pursuit while multitasking with strong yet meticulous foundations in borderline and venomously volatile zest while maintaining this slithering vibe on outbursting yet riveting tempos, near the end, contrasting into this misty fog for good measure.

"Our Poisonous Ways" supplies a catchy dose in some mythical yet entrancing grit, concretely distinguishing a detailed element in implementing an immersively intense distinction on progressively technical maelstrom momentum that piledrives with sonically seamless yet relentlessly steamrolling tempest. Brad on drums hammers his set with steely precision, rambunctiously slamming with ruthless pandemonium & stompy droniness especially when we come into the sinister savagery of "The Letting Go". This sense of trippy gloominess distributes a dark but heavy heft from this point onwards as if a blasphemous ritual revelled which lead to total ruination as a mellow pattern distils a concrete resonance that merges a fuzzy but eerie aesthetic, still retaining vehement versatility & virulent impact.

"When Sanity Eludes Me" surges with more kaleidoscopic despair in a haunting but daunting fashion, while the conjuring fabrication initiates an overflowing sense of dread and gnarly entrancements. Everything still remains melodic with yet a chunky boundary, all while this ominously jarring effect intertwines a unique spectrum on experimental hybrids and atmospheric grinds, unearthing this sludgy slime of monstrously meaty deathliness in a beautifully crafted way while brilliantly converging a healthy dose of some melancholic vertigo that makes things nicely swirled within this vortex of whirling elegancy and exquisite foreboding. Escaping that sensation, we come into another snappy vibrancy within "Knee Deep In Devils", which portrays quirky exhilaration in a thrilling rift of technical yet other worldly sweeps that will make you marvel with outbursting but feverish excellency - an archaic battle hymn of symbolic archetype and foreboding but devilish heaviness as ethereal and euphonic demoncy snarls with operatic hums, embellishing with this elegant chant near the end. An epic rocker!

"10 Days (Of Disbelief)" starts off with this mellifluous yet mellow acoustic, before this tender sense of distraught bellows you with smooth and brisk rollicks while more doomy droniness ignites a combustible appeal with more splendid singing momentum that's just proficiently executed, an almost perfect performance of spectacle adroitness. Elsewhere, the penultimate track "Misery Mongers" meticulously crafts another gloomy exert in daunting disparity, as lofty chunkiness examines immersively inventive diligence in fluidly groundbreaking mobility where this guttural conundrum intrudes that spices the vocal territory up with raspy throatiness for good measure.

Overall concluding my copy of "En Delirium" with the finale epic: "Scorned Heart", I am compelled to say that GRIEF COLLECTOR really took me by surprise. The grandiose grandeur here amounts to this spectacular systematic that wondrously surges with utmost taste that offers an impeccable diligence in detailed Doom Metal subjugation that maximizes this phenomenal representation on all fronts. Certainly outdoing themselves with full force equality, definitely an enjoyably entertaining experience that most surely deserves discovering. All Heavy/Doom Metal maniacs would be a fool to pass this recording up, this is a possible record of the year contender for sure. You need to hear it! Simply put. Do check it out!

Another writer of ours: Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier seemed to have already covered Disc 2's "From Dissension To Avowal" and my promo didn't include it, sadly. However, if you want to check out his take on it, you can check the link below: different from my take, despite both deliverances being two seperate releases, yet reading from another perspective makes things interesting at least.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Corridors
2. Wintersick
3. Our Poisonous Ways
4. The Letting Go
5. When Sanity Eludes Me
6. Knee Deep in Devils
7. 10 Days (of Disbelief)
8. Misery Mongers
9. Scorned Heart
10. Then Comes Darkness
11. Voodoo - Die Young
Disc 2 - From Dissension To Avowal
1. A Prelude to Grief
2. Eyes of Fog
3. Consuming Indignation
4. A Mournful Pact
5. Of Misery and Woe
6. To Grips
Brad - Drums
Matt - Guitars/Bass
Robert Lowe - Vocals
Record Label: Petrichore Records


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Edited 07 October 2022

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