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Iron Flesh – Summoning The Putrid

Iron Flesh
Summoning The Putrid
by Sean Leslie at 01 January 2021, 4:42 PM

IRON FLESH are a death metal band coming out of Bordeaux, France. Having only formed in 2017 the band are fairly new on the death metal scene but it has not taken them long to get into the studio as “Summoning The Putrid” is their second full length studio album which comes following their debut full length release “Forged Faith Bleeding” in 2019 and their live album “A Necro Dead One” earlier this year.

This album comes loaded with nine high intensity tracks with heavy hitting melodic drumming from Guilhem to the dark and demonic vocals of Julien Helwin along with the heavy guitar riffs he brings to the table with intricate solos from Sylvestre Alexandre which are all held down by the solid bass skills of Sébastian Lalanne.

With perfectly timed and well placed tempo changes listeners are left wondering where the band are going to go next, from high intensity tracks such as “Servants Of Oblivion” and “Thy Power Infinite” to tracks such as “Cursed Beyond Death” and “Convicted Faith” which are much slower and have more of a sludgy and doomy feel to them, keeping listeners engaged from the opening track to the closing track as each track is packed with memorable guitar riffs as the band searches for that one legacy riff that every band has that will stand the test of time and drums that can almost be felt in the listeners chest as they’re hit topped off by the demonic growling sounding voice of Julien Helwin.

After listening through the album I can say there is definitely something in it for death metal fans, young or old, new school or old school, and it is definitely not an album to be slept on by any fan of heavy music by any stretch of the imagination and is definitely an album that will translate well to fans when it’s played live in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Servants Of Oblivion
2. Relinquished Flesh
3. Demonic Enn
4. Purify Through Blasphemy
5. Cursed Beyond Death
6. Death And The Reapers Scythe
7. Incursion Of Evil
8. Thy Power Infinite
9. Convicted Faith
Julien Helwin – Guitar/Vocals
Sébastian Lalanne – Bass
Guilhem – Drums
Sylvestre “Sylv” Alexandre – Guitar
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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