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Jordfäst - Av Stoft

Av Stoft
by Andrew Harvey at 06 December 2022, 12:30 AM

This black metal duo come from the Scandinavian regions of Småland, Skåne and Tromsø in Sweden. The duo is made up of OLOF on lead vocals who is an ex-member of bands like; DISBORN, ICONS OF HORROR and ILLNATURED and secondly is ELIS on backing vocals as he also plays guitar, bass and keys in addition to the clean vocals. ELIS also comes from being an ex-member of ICONS OF HORROR and is a current member of BIRDFLESH as well as two previous bands; ESOTERIA and THE ARSON PROJECT. Now for the last few years both OLOF and ELIS have been combining their musical capabilities to their band JORDFÄST as the band startled in 2017. Even the band’s name is meant ‘being buried’ in Swedish but almost translated to ‘attached to soil’.

Their music up til now has a previous album which was their debut album HÄDANEFTER released before in 2021. Their music as being ‘composed and arranged bring immersion and depth to the tales enacted through the lyrics’. Now their second album AV STOFTE is here as the album opens with “Abortologen Pt. 1” as we hear vocal chants prolonging as drums are also heard bashing away. They signal for the lead vocals to come into the mix as they portray agitation and desperation as themes. Guitars and drums play on and drive the themes of this track as we head into “Abortologen Pt. 2” where the black metal implosions continue. Sustained cymbal hits go well with raging guitars.

Drum patterns are quite nice even the high end notes by electric guitar, vocals are not there but we know what to expect. “Abortologen Pt. 3” continues on with double kick patterns as vocals screech those high notes with the track racing ahead at times. Ringing of cymbals takes over and vocals send this track into a frightening frenzy. The tempo also varies as this comes together for thrashing cymbals and evil vocal work. “Abortologen Pt. 4” as big yelp comes from vocals as the next track booms in every aspect of the audio spectrum. Drums just set the pace for electric guitar and vocals to get free almost although halfway through, drums drop off as vocals quietly go on. We hear birds singing then as almighty screamer with guitar and drums accenting individual notes.

Even a piano sonata is heard as we go straight into “Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 1” once more with vocal chants deep in tone and smooth enough too. These proceed as electric guitar and drums play almost a ballad of a song but filthy vocals wouldn’t be the same in the track if they were clean. Not as harsh as previous tracks, this sound and mix of various textures are very well played. “Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 2” has more of a thump and punches with the fist of hardcore drumming plus electrifying guitars. Even the addition of a secondary vocal line adds that extra bit to the mix as vocals do get back to vocal chanting. All other instrumentation just soldier on as we head into “Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 3” with vocals and guitar setting the pace. A crescendo engineered by drums goes and sets up the vast talent of this black metal duo as musicality is divine.

Accents are heard and vocals yelp also we go into “Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 4” as there is a slow build up as cymbal hits lead guitar in to dominate with double kick patterns. A time for guitar and drums to flex their muscles and eagerness for black metal mania. There’s almost a thrash metal vibe in drums as the guitar rises in pitch then into “Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 5”. A mellow guitar plays solo then the chants give rise to a climax with other instrumentation joining in. Vocal chants vary in pitch and sound less like a black metal track as killer drums or guitar seeps through. The last minute is slow but a gradual diminuendo with only guitar and vocals closing out the track. I am astounded by all of this and I think even if drums are programmed the mix is different to your average black metal band. The themes of desperation, tragedy and nothingness certainly are portrayed well, I would say this is one of the best black metal albums I have heard.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Abortologen
2. Abortologen
3. Abortologen
4. Abortologen
5. Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 1
6. Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 2
7. Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 3
8. Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 4
9. Kom Eld, Kom Regn Pt. 5
OLOF - Vocals (Lead)
ELIS - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keys and Vocals (Backing)
Record Label: Nordvis Productions


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Edited 31 May 2023

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