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Manntra — Monster Mind Consuming

Monster Mind Consuming
by Shea Higgerson at 07 June 2021, 12:19 PM

Balkan folk metal band MANNTRA lead us into battle fearlessly with their second English-language album Monster Mind Consuming, a catchy and dark but triumphant release that blends several of metal’s subgenres quite successfully. This album combines folk, industrial, and gothic metal into an adventurous story that also includes the sounds and instruments native to the band’s homeland. The imagery of a fierce battle and a mighty king among the high seas is introduced throughout the album, especially in songs like SlaveVoices Of The Sea, and Barren King.

The concept of the album seems to get a little lost at points, especially when it comes to the title track Monster Mind Consuming, which leaves the story of the sailor king and the battlefield to explore the subject of mass suicides. This is my main issue with the album — that the title track seemingly has nothing to do with the overall concept on a conceptual album other than being dark and gothic. The next track I Want To Eat You does the same thing by creating a sexy, cannibalistic atmosphere, however, the vocalist eventually says “Come sail with me,” which almost ties it into the overall theme. It can be argued that the song is about the king and his lover much like the song Let’s Invite The Storm.

There are a lot of riffs that are catchy as hell on this release, including the opening riffs in I Want To Eat You and In Your Eyes (a personal favorite). And just about every song has a catchy chorus. I won’t be surprised to experience a few of these melodies being stuck in my head after listening, especially the melody in the chorus of Ori Ori. It’s hard not to get stuck in the Balkan influence behind these tracks.

Another song I really enjoy on this album is Let’s Invite The Storm with it’s contrast between the male and female vocals. Again the Balkan influence behind the instrumentals on this track is strong and I found it very enjoyable. It also includes some of the chanting that can be heard in the beginning of the album in the intro Invocation and the second track Heathens, which helps keep the album consistent and ties it all together. The final song Lipa is sung in Croatian, which even without understanding the words, ties the album together by keeping the same energy and overall sound, including a catchy chorus. Ultimately, MANNTRA have created a story-driven release with an epic adventure that is sure to entice those who are fans of gothic folk metal.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Invocation
2. Heathens
3. Ori Ori
4. Slave
5. Voices Of The Sea
6. Barren King
7. Monster Mind Consuming
8. I Want To Eat You
9. In Your Eyes
10. Let's Invite The Storm
11. Lipa
Marko M. Sekul - lead vocals
Maja Kolarić - bass, backing vocals
Andrea Kert - drums
Boris Kolarić - guitar, bagpipe, backing vocals
Marko Purišić - guitar, backing vocals
Record Label: NoCut Entertainment


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