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Massdistraction - Succubus

by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 25 March 2011, 1:18 AM

I say let the young ones play and if they are playing aggressive type of Metal, who is going to make them stop. The newcomer Swedish band, MASSDISTRCATION, is one of the latest names in the country's Thrash scene. Although I think that Sweden has much greater achievements in Heavy Metal Glam Metal and Death Metal, this young band didn't settle for what is common in their scene and went to form an American kind of Thrash output.

The band's debut independent EP, "Succubus", can be recognized as US Thrash Metal by the book. If you dig the old METALLICA along with spits of modern EXODUS or OVERKILL or late 80s LAAZ ROCKIT, you should be aware of this band's new effort. At first I wasn't that impressed with this new release because of the fact that MASSDISTRACTION largely used, with their constant approach, the same kind of galloping riffs over and over. For ones that appreciate heavy rhythms, as I do, especially in Thrash, it can be a bit frustrating to hear the same thing over and over.

Moreover, I didn't like the way this album was produced because I think that there is to a heavy release such as this more than a good guitar sound. The production of the vocals and drums (while not letting them to sound like chopsticks) are also important in the equation. Even for a first release, I would have paid more attention to the smaller details while producing because it matters.

Nonetheless, after I scoured this EP a couple of times more, I found some of the material mostly energetic and violent as a good Thrash Metal release should be. Violence with taste sort of speak. MASSDISTRACTION moved head on with semi-complex tracks as "Something Violent" that expressed some hard feelings with the right and suitable musical spirit (and what a great solo this one had). "See No Evil", "New Dominion" and "Live A Lie" were up next on the list as cool thrashers as the mixed the old and the new altogether. I think that those four tracks are enough proof that there is something developing here. Sweden may not be a Thrash country as the USA, Germany, Italy or the UK, yet, once they didn't have Death Metal…

3 Star Rating

1. New Dominion
2. See No Evil
3. Something Violent
4. Live a Lie
5. Sudden Deaf
6. Death Row
7. Succubus
Johan Hansson - Lead Vocals
Jon Hjalmarsson - Guitar
Ali Nassadjpoor - Guitar
Kalle Möllerström - Bass
David Larsson - Drums

Record Label: Independent


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