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No One Knows What the Dead Think – No One Knows What the Dead Think

No One Knows What the Dead Think
No One Knows What the Dead Think
by Joseph Hausmann at 04 August 2019, 3:30 PM

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE DEAD THINK is a Grindcore band formed out of the ashes of DISCORDANCE AXIS and GRINDLINK. Vocalist Jon Chang and guitarist Rob Marton are former members of GRINDLINK, and they have been joined by drummer Kyosuke Nakano from COHOL. They want to continue the legacy of their former bands with the formation of this new band.

NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE DEAD THINK can only be described by one phrase: a bullet hell grind. The band has a sound reminiscent of early DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Their Speed Metal riffs will tear you apart and combine that with driving blast beat drums and grating, abrasive vocals you get this band.

This album is full of high energy action that never lets up until you’re done. All the songs in this album are very quick and end abruptly but never leave you enough time to relax before the next one hits. To me, this makes the album very interesting to listen to and never leaves you bored.

There are some gems in this high-octane, energy-driven album. “Cinder” takes you on a bullet ride of running riffs that only get better as the song continues. “Sayaka” opens up with some speedy riffs and blasting drums but then explodes into a fireball of heavy chords before returning you to the driving energy of the drums and guitars. This roller coaster of a song only lasts for a minute and 45 seconds, but you feel almost euphoric at the end.

While “Red Echo” is more of an interlude, I consider this a gem because it gives you just enough time to catch your breath and soothe you before going back into the burning flames. Ominous ambience combined with a distant echo, this song provides a small reprieve from the controlled chaos of the album. After “Red Echo”, you enter the fiery pits with “Dominion”. This song offers a deeper set of vocals over the abrasive riffs and driving drums.

On the first listen of NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THE DEAD THINK, I was taken aback and didn’t quite like it, but it intrigued me enough to give it another listen. I firmly believe that this album is like a fine wine, it’s better as it ages. By the third and fourth time I listened to the album, I was enthralled by the chaos and actually had become to like it. So, if you listen to this album, be prepared to listen to it more than once. It will grip you, frighten you, and (by the time you’re done) downright excite you!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Yorha
2. Autumn Flower
3. Dagger Before Me
4. Rakuyo
5. Stars Hide Your Fires
6. Cinder
7. Sayaka
8. Kaine
9. Red Echoes
10. Dominion
Rob Marton – Guitars & Bass
Kyosuke Nakano – Drums
Jon Chang – Vocals
Record Label: Willowtip


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