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Preachers Of Distortion – The Wall Of Sound Ritual

Preachers Of Distortion
The Wall Of Sound Ritual
by Mike McMahan at 13 June 2021, 11:22 AM

I have seen several things over the last year that were seemingly born out of the Coronavirus Lockdown. On top of the increases in creative writing and blogging, remote work environments and face masks galore, the music industry, while suffering in the live music area, has held its own in the studio, thanks in part to acts like PREACHERS OF DISTORTION and “The Wall Of Sound Ritual”Redd Lao, eleven years the leader of the band SNIPER ALLEY and a multi-instrumentalist of great ability, formed the project in London with drummer Akos Jean, and pre-pandemic, and after an EP release and the addition of Tom Johnson handling bass duties, started to gig around the London area. With the onset of the pandemic, and the subsequent worldwide lockdown, the live music scene of course dried up, and Lao found himself alone with the band name after the departures of Jean and Johnson. “The Wall Of Sound Ritual” is the result of both his desire to keep the project alive, and the ability to pull it off on his own.

The album itself is a mixture of great melodic rock mixed with elements of eighties sounding Thrash, reminiscent at times of both MEGADETH and MOTORHEADLao is quite obviously a fine musician, particularly as a guitarist, and there are moments on “The Wall Of Sound Ritual” where his ability shines extremely bright, not only musically, but also as a writer. The production value on the record is good, but at times the music sounds a bit muddy in the mix, which has become indicative of some indie releases that I have heard. Overall, it is a solid effort and Lao should be commended for his dedication to the project.

There are several tracks that are worthy of mention on the record. The opening track, “I’ll Be The First In Line”, is a great mixture of the Melodic Rock and Thrash elements I spoke of before. It features some fantastic riff work and a solid vocal performance from Lao. The song has an angry feel to it, and the aggressive vocal snarl fits to the letter. A stinging guitar solo punctuates the latter part of the song in a nice outro. “As Above So Below” sounds as if it could have been found on an early MOTORHEAD release, and that is not meant as a complaint, by any stretch.

“Cry From The Womb” is easily my favorite track from this nine song release. A two minute and fifty second instrumental, the song is richly textured with an interesting background, and the guitar solo featured within is, simply put, sublime. Between the harmonics and the apparent “Breath Of Life” element in this track, I was completely sold.

As I stated before, the production feels a bit muddy on the lion’s share of these tracks; but otherwise “The Wall Of Sound Ritual” is certainly worth a listen. I hope that Lao can once again get a foundation of like-minded individuals around him and carry this stuff into some live venues.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8

4 Star Rating

1. I’ll Be The First In Line
2. As Above So Below
3. Marx Attack
4. Godstortion’s Riff Machine
5. Cry From The Womb
6. Kingfuzzious
7. Got The Beers, See You (In Hell)
8. No One Lives For Free
9. Roots And Memories
Redd Lao – Guitars, Vocals, Bass and Drums
Record Label: Independent


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