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Project: Roenwolfe - Edge of Saturn

Project: Roenwolfe
Edge of Saturn
by Eric Poulin at 05 August 2021, 2:17 AM

PROJECT: ROENWOLFE is a power/thrash metal band that started in 2011 and hails from Georgia and Pennsylvania in the United States. This is their second full-length entitled “Edge of Saturn” released through Divebomb Records on May 14h, 2021.

“Song of Kali” starts off with some interesting comparisons in sound to bands like EIDOLON and ICED EARTH. The vocals are not too high pitch and really fit the music perfectly. There are some quicker passages (the thrash aspect), and some well-performed slow guitar riffs that add depth to the song.

“Something More” adds a different side to the guitars with a more Arabic-styled element to them, and an introduction that is much more along the lines of CANDLEMASS than I would have expected. The tempo is like what the “Horror Show” album from ICED EARTH displayed 20 years ago. The track possesses a very solid and memorable chorus (with multiple vocals).

“Promethium” slows things down a bit with clean guitars and sets the one for a storyteller, filled with melodic passages and once again flirting with the Arabic scale (still one of my favorite aspects to metal today). When the song goes into a faster pace, it has some similarities to the almighty NEVERMORE.

We have the second longest track on the album which happens to be the title track “Edge of Saturn” which has a great doom-laden riff that reminded me of SORCERER. There is heaviness on this album that brought me back to my early MEGADETH listening days. It has probably the catchiest riffs of the entire effort and even some complex drum parts (yes even some blast beats). In terms of structure, it has the most to offer and is clearly a future fan favorite.

Another powerful number is “Starbound Butcher of My Dreams” which has a bit of ARCH ENEMY in it, back on their early releases and there is tinge of Chuck Schuldiner in how some of these parts are played. The case could be made that the song has some CONTROL DENIED in it, which is a huge compliment, considering the quality of that band.

The album finishes with the longest number of all, clocking in at 9 minutes. “The Dreaming God” which I found had some IRON MAIDEN ingredients (think back to “Brave New World”). The song switches between heavy and clean guitar parts and possesses some very melodic and memorable moments. If you enjoy those more traditional HELLOWEEN longer songs with a modern twist, you will love this album closer.

This album does not miss a single step, every song is solid from start to finish, with a strong production, great vocal talents and most of all, highly energetic and masterful riffs. I had not listened to any power/thrash metal bands in the last few years, and this fulfilled all my expectations (and even surpassed them) in terms of high-end quality.

Songwriting:  9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Song of Kali
2. Something More
3. Promethium
4. Edge of Saturn
5. Mastermind Manipulators
6. Starbound Butcher of My Dreams
7. Of Mice and Straw Men
8. Aeternum Vale
9. The Dreaming God
Alicia Cordisco - Guitars (rhythm, lead), Bass, Vocals (backing), Songwriting, Lyrics
Patrick Parris - Vocals, Lyrics
Ernie Topran – Drums
Record Label: Dive Bomb Records


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