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Restless Bones – Captured by the Roots

Restless Bones
Captured by the Roots
by Leanne Evans at 02 September 2021, 11:39 AM

The swinging 60’s and rocking 70’s bore some of the most iconic musicians and heavy influences on rock as we now know and love. From Jimi Hendrix to The Doors, The Beatles to Deep Purple, each of these musical maestros touched many a musician over the years, and injected subtleties of their signature sound across many a track. RESTLESS BONES are no exception, with the trio of seasoned musicians creating their own hazy, heady blend of unapologetic hard rock heaviness, inspired by the retro vibes of yesteryear, keeping the powerful allure of hard rock alive. The Austrian rockers’ second full-length, “Captured by the Roots”, serves to delight with nine original compositions, and a stonking cover of Deep Purple’s “Sail Away,” with none other than Don Airey bringing the dulcet tones of his delightful Hammond to the table.

Strutting its stuff, oozing pure sex, with pheromones dripping from the opening riff, “Bonewalk” pumps a prowess like no other. Heady overtones of hard rock heaviness stifle with riffs that transport you back to brilliant bygone days of Bad Company, with a rousing “Feel like Makin’ Love” vibe that emits more swagger than a surly Mick Jagger, with chicks hanging on to his every chord; this a cut that brings bite and attitude to the table and a very strong intro for the RESTLESS BONES rockers.

The strength of “Captured by the Roots” sadly quickly dwindles, with “Monster” having plenty of potential for drive and swagger, but ultimately feeling monotonous and very repetitive. “Common Sense” also follows suit, starting with a great foot-tapping intro, but transpires as a confused track that lacks synergy and gumption. However, when RESTLESS BONES get it right, boy, do they nail it! Their cover of Deep Purple’s “Sail Away”, with the masterstroke addition of the one and only Don Airey, makes for a very delicious cut indeed! That tasty opening riff, the swell of the drums effortlessly penetrating, combined with Arno’s easy-listening lilts and layered with husky, deep backing vocals and Airey’s oozing Hammond are to die for, especially with his inimitable solo later in the track; RESTLESS BONES quickly redeem with this beauty.

RESTLESS BONES bring an enticing sensuality to their compositions when they deliver. The likes of “Free Your Mind”, bridging the full-length perfectly, offering a charming and moreish blues meets southern rock flavour, saturating with its sultry output and moodiness of alluring bass, shrouded in delicious guitar chords, well-timed drum fills and a perfectly executed guitar solo. Then, there’s the appeal of the UFO sounding intro to “U R the 1” which delights, quickly morphing into a chunkier slab of meat with boorish chords and a great overall progressive vibe. But it’s “Gone” that pierces your soul with its Scorpions flavour and perfectly bookends the album. The stickiness of the guitar swells and chord progression, the wistful, yet sexy vocal delivery, the nonchalant output that’s akin to someone “playing hard to get” that smothers, especially with the mellifluous yet arousing guitar solo to smooth off the track; it’s incredible.

Delving into “Captured by the Roots”, there’s certainly a “hit and miss” approach and you realize that when the talented trio get it right, they make you more than damp… but when the tracks don’t quite hit the spot, it’s nothing more than a damp squib. Asides from a couple of tracks to skip, overall, the compositions are structurally simplistic, but there’s plenty of sturdy riffs that grip and provide plenty of moments to grind and groove, combined with nostalgic feeling, but clean production, this LP is a nice addition to any hard rock collection.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Bonewalk
2. Monster
3. Common Sense
4. Sail Away
5. Free Your Mind
6. U R the 1
7. Caught in the Roots
8. Thank You
9. Gonna Getcha
10. Gone
Arno Pfeiler – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Petar Oppel – Bass, Backing Vocals
Sam Schlagenhaufen – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Don Airey – Keyboards on “Sail Away”
Record Label: 7Hard


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Edited 03 October 2022

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