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Sator - Under The Radar

Under The Radar
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 27 March 2011, 7:20 AM

Behind the renovation of the once strong Glam Metal scene of the L.A. Sunset Strip in the US, there was another shout for Sweden and it came in the name of the era that started it all, the British 70s Rock era. Following cool references of some famous names of British groups as SEX PISTOLS, RAMONES, NAZARETH and early AC/DC, there is the Swedish SATOR that came to lay down its law on its local scene in the name of Rock and Punk. With the band’s second release, “Under The Radar”, this band once again shared their respects to an era that its fruits made Rock, Punk and Metal to what those are in the present.

Well I can’t really say that SATOR is 70s all the way because they still use several of modern twists in their music that might imply of different elements. However, most of the material on display here is as nasty and charming in the same vintage way these guys intended to compose. With fine processions of Punkish mid tempos melded with Hard Rock chopping bursts, the thundering low gained guitars and diverse vocals of Kent Norberg & Chips Kiesbye cracked the air with basic, yet catchy made riffages.

With accordance, those two main elements paved the road to rather simple made tunes filled with a brand new energy. Some of the better moments of this release made the listening quite fun and loosen. “S.T.S.” was SATOR’s prime achievement. Its attacking features that were concentrated on the anger of Punk and semi-heaviness of Rock sent a fresh message into the air. In addition, I also liked “Your Ups Gets Me Down”, which showed a cool cynical sense of a word game. This one was utterly catchy and very easy to consume. Same was with “Wanted: Hope And Pride Before I Die” and “You´ve Got Blood On Your Hands”. The latter was more serious in its approach as it concentrated on a rather important issue, yet, with Punk leading its leash it was right on fury from the first listen.

To be blunt, besides those three tracks that I found truly successful, I couldn’t share the same feeling with the rest of the tunes in check. On the other hand, I can’t really say that I didn’t find any talent on the others as well. I think that the main issue with most of the material on the album is the fact that the simplicity of this here mixing of Punk & Hard Rock wasn’t completely in the band’s advantage. A large part of the riffs were used over and over or even used once more in different kind of versions. All this is not a display of originality what so ever. Moreover, the old Punkish beats were fine but what about a little diversity. You can’t go RAMONES all the way right?

SATOR took the 70s era and took out the best of it in order to draw fresh air on the heaviness around them. The loosen material ensured that this album will have its impact on the present MTV Rock scene. However, I think that with a little creativity, this album could have been better because this group has what it takes to break out in the name of the flow of Rock & Punk. There are some important messages over here and their essence should be felt under a little more than basic music.

3 Star Rating

1. Your Up Gets Me Down
2. Drive Through The Night
3. S.T.S.
4. Tonight´s The Night
5. Wanted : Hope And Pride Before I Die
6. When You Lie Down With Dogs
7. Under The Radar
8. The Get Out
9. You´ve Got Blood On Your Hands
10. We´re All Gonna Die!
11. Love Bells
Kent Norberg - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Chips Kiesbye - Lead Vocals / Guitars
Hans Gafvert - Keyboards
Heikki Kiviaho - Bass
Michael Solen - Drums
Record Label: Wild Kingdom Records


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