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Solus Ex Inferis – Daemones Ceramici Award winner

Solus Ex Inferis
Daemones Ceramici
by Leanne Evans at 07 July 2021, 6:25 PM

Combining a plethora of technical and brutal virtuosity, trans-continental technical death metal outfit, SOLUS EX INFERIS, formed from a melting pot of expertise from an expansive metal catalogue, including members from SIX FEET UNDER, REPTILIAN DEATH, NECROPATHY, SLEEP TERROR and DEMON RESURRECTION. In 2018, the unyielding quintet merged a wretched and unspeakable level of speed and technicality, sonically spewing their guts to the world in the critically acclaimed four-track EP, “Demonic Supremacy”. Fast-forward a few years since the band’s successful release, SOLUS EX INFERIS resurface with their tremendously terrifying, cranially crushing and infernal incubus, the band’s debut full-length, “Daemones Ceramici”, comprising seven deadly sonic sins centred around demonology and the occult, representing the terrible state of humanity and the world today.

The insidious incantations commence in opening track, “The Myth Creation”, engorged with demoniac fury, blurts of blast beats, incessant rage pelting in enraged vocals that rip your face off akin to being at the forefront of a bomb blast. Technical leads simply blister throughout the LP, melodic riffs mating with your ears from every which-way, as seen in “Constructing the Great Divide”, a cut of moreish meaty sonic slices, high-octane and simply fuelled by hate, with a possessed hummingbird behind those furious drum fills and a solo that erupts and buries itself in your skin for all the right reasons.

SOLUS EX INFERIS offer plenty of melodic moments in gifted solos and harmonies that heighten the listening, yet still retain every unhallowed aspect you crave. The irreverent “Shattering Divinity” penetrates and implodes, brutalising with hellish rage, the rhythm section annihilating with razor-sharp precision, relentless drumming at inhuman-speed and enraged vocals that explode. Tracks like “Destroying Malevolence” and “Set Ablaze the Books of Deception” combust in frenzied ferocity, writhing with wrath and devastating with riffs that you can break loose to. The hateful execution escalates in the form of “Destroying False Gods”, with all those filllllthy blast beats and delicious double kicks, pure audial annihilation ensues and progresses to the equally spiteful “The Black Gate”, deriving straight from the pits of hell.

SOLUS EX INFERIS has aptly unleashed a hellish onslaught of deathly proportions in the latest release, “Daemones Ceramici”. The LP offers plenty of clean, tight and deadly cuts, with complexity and technicality overtly engorged through riffs that engage and enrage, and leads that hook their claws into your skin, like tiny, demonic kittens, shredding the shit out of your dermis, leaving you in a bloody mess quicker than you can blink. Do I like this album? No, I love it! Grab a copy of yours from July 9th 2021 and be prepared for sonic scourging (and metaphorical kitten gouging).

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. The Myth Creation
2. Constructing the Great Divide
3. Shattering Divinity
4. Destroying Malevolence
5. Set Ablaze the Books of Deception
6. Destroying False Gods
7. The Black Gate 
Sahil Makhija - Vocals
Dave Sevenstrings - Guitars
Ollie Morgan - Lead Guitars
Mauricio Catalán - Bass
Marco Pitruzzella - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 30 September 2022

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