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The Milestones – Devil In Me

The Milestones
Devil In Me
by Maria Voutiriadou at 22 March 2010, 12:03 PM

If you belong to the hard rock clan and you like this lightly touch of Finnish characteristics regarding production issues and music technique, maybe you’ll find THE MILESTONES quite interesting case; the five-piece band from Helsinki make its third step with “Devil In Me”; naughty title, hard rock attitude with lots of THE ANSWER’s passages, well-played guitars and a sweet sweet voice with the skills and the unique charisma to seduce us; too much to ask, huh? Well, too good to be true, but it is! So, where is the problem? Repetition is thy name.

Among the 10 songs and the time duration of 42 minutes, you might find pretty good compositions with a mood to have fun, classic hard rock moments reminding bands of 70s like THE ALLMAN BROS and early WHITESNAKE, heavy drums and velvet vocals (reminding me mostly Cormac Neeson, personally speaking). But the thing misses perfection after a couple of listening, where the first enthusiasm fades away and you feel like having this record in your collection for ages. The starter “Queen To Me” is quite surprising and maybe is the perfect song to start with because of the similarities Olavi Tikka’s reading, and in time is comparable to Bon Scott; the same awesome evolution is followed with the self-title track too. But after “So Alive Today”, the picture begins to change losing the vivid colors and the ‘next’ button runs down your finger till find the excellent ACDC-esque “Rage Against The Limits”, making a stop first at LYNYRD SKYNYRD-istic “Rattlin’ Blues”.

You see, “Devil In Me” album brings in my mind the very good debut of BLACK STONE CHERRY, although the continuity was not what I wanted to hear from them; but if this represents THE MILESTONES’ third step, I am not sure if it’s worth to wait for their next one. Reaching the verdict for this album, I have to say I enjoyed pretty much the potential and the sincerity, as much as the general acoustic result; so, I hold tight the first two songs and for the rest, I rest my case; ‘too late for love’, guys!

3 Star Rating

  1. Queen To Me
  2. Devil In Me
  3. Ghost Town
  4. So Alive Today
  5. I Follow The Sun
  6. Rattlin' Blues
  7. Street Soul
  8. Waves Of The Stormy Love
  9. Green Valley
  10. Rage Against The Limits
Olavi Tikka - Vocals, Harmonica
Tomi Julkunen - Guitars
Marko Kiviluoma - Guitars
Veli Palevaara - Bass
Tommi Manninen - Drums
Record Label: Tempo Music


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