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Tr3nte – Aveugle & Sourd

Aveugle & Sourd
by Leanne Evans at 09 March 2021, 10:51 AM

Formed in 1999, TR3NTE is a Parisian quartet and a band that was built on the foundation of “a great story of friendship”. Having previously played with the likes of GREAT WHITE, MIKE TRAMP and KORITNI, TR3NTE has their own musical story to tell, with no musical taboos or genre limits. The band’s newest release “Aveugle & Sourd” (“Blind & Deaf”) unveils the many dimensions of the group, exploring 11 tracks (additionally with 1 bonus track featuring DANNY VAUGHN), where everyday stories and poetic texts come together. The album is uninhibited and flirts with traditional classic rock, with TR3NTE staying true to its roots, each song delivered in French and a piece of their heart and soul poured to the listener.

Opening track, “Malfamé”, bursts in with a retro sound and delights with an eeriness about it. The guitar intro is structurally quite simple, but very effective and the track morphs into an up-tempo piece with smooth sound from William’s bass and the honeyed vocals of Stef. The pensive dissonance the track delivers certainly adds layers to the thematic, and the infectious vocal hook works so well in this piece, serving up quite the UFO vibe. Moving to track 2, “Libre comme l'air” packs a powerful punch as a piece that conveys the feeling of being as “free as a bird”. The guitar solo from TyVy has an unapologetic amped-up casual ruggedness that resonates, almost giving a defiant musical ‘middle finger’, really compounding the free-spirited maverick that is “Libre comme l’air”.

TR3NTE certainly have many facets and their effortless ability to morph from the upbeat and playful, to the slower simmered-down tracks, is delivered expertly, especially in “Mon Odyssée”. The record has a painful sadness about it and a cutting authenticity. Stef really conveys hurt and pensive reflection with such rawness on this track, the whole composition layers beautifully, down to the acoustic guitars, the vivacity of the vibrato and soft percussion and the hint of vocal harmonies. Quite the heart-wrencher and to be enjoyed in your own company, with your own thoughts.

Title-track, “Aveugle & Sourd”, is one to be TURNED UP LOUD. Pure, amped-up chunkiness with a retro vibe and addictive riffs. The same can be said for “Disparu des radars” which has a subtle rock ‘n’ roll intro and then crescendos to an upbeat melodic rock piece, spilling out as real foot-stomper! Fab delivers fantastic driving beats and the rhythm section interact seamlessly with Stef’s grittier vocals, huskier tone and impassioned scream later on in the track; a foot-tapper that makes you want to go off the radar and lose yourself in TR3NTE’s sprightly sound.

“Autant” has all the makings of a great track, but the experimentation with the muted synthetic sound of the beat is a bit too much for my liking; it detracts from the gorgeous, softened tone to Stef’s vocals and perfect pitch. Fortunately, however, “Combien de ponts” redeems with its wistful reflections and dreamy musings, bringing an upbeat sound to moving life forward and not looking back. A very catchy track indeed, jam-packed with captivating melody from the band and lilting tones from Stef once again (he really doesn’t disappoint!).

The absolute belter of a beast on “Aveugle & Sourd” has to be “Tattoo Burger”. This is a road-trip worthy piece of excellence, with a distinctly more alternative sound and an infectious power pop vibe. The fuzzed-feel to the guitars in sections works well and the playful switching up the tempo and drawing it back down has an almost stoner rock quality. For me, “Tattoo Burger” is the highlight of the album; it’s a musical ray of sunshine and had me wanting to don my shades, catch some rays and grab an ice-cold beer.

“Rêve hors norme” is a stunning midtempo melodic rock composition with bewitching blues vibes. A sultry trumpet intro brings a jazz feel to the table, especially with use of the harmon mute. The gentle percussion is soothing and subtle, with Stef’s nectar vocals and his projection crescendos flawlessly. Towards the end of the track, there’s hints of the harmonica which interacts with TyVy’s almost unplugged solo section. This is definitely TR3NTE’s rawest piece and from “Aveugle & Sourd” and I felt a genuine connection with the band.

TR3NTE prove that an emotional connection with music isn’t always hinged on the reliance of understanding lyrical content. Often, it’s about the rhythm and the soul emitted in the track that draws the connection you develop with the sound. My schoolgirl French wasn’t necessary for me to hear the passion and enthusiasm the band have for their craft, and I shared their emotion and experienced a musical journey with them. Music really IS a universal language we can all understand. “Aveugle & Sourd” is a wonderful composition, TR3NTE; je vous remercie du fond du coeur!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Malfamé
2. Libre comme l'air
3. Mon Odyssée
4. Aveugle et Sourd
5. Disparu des radars
6. Autant
7. Combien de ponts
8. En Plein Désert
9. Tattoo Burger
10. Une Toise et du temps
11. Rêve hors norme
12. Libre comme l'Air (featuring Danny Vaughn)
Stef Reb – Vocalist
Thierry Velly (TyVy) – Guitars
William Fourmental – Bass
Fabrice Trovato (Fab) – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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