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Chronological Injustice - A Collection Of Atrocities

Chronological Injustice
A Collection Of Atrocities
by Craig Rider at 03 March 2016, 11:45 AM

What's up, Metal maniacs? I'm here once again to give you an insight on this independently signed quintet from the United States Of America: CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE.

At first; I was unexpectedly surprised when I first listened to CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE and this EP: “A Collection Of Atrocities”, with similarly sounding atmosphere to the likes of SEPULTURA; SOULFLY, MORBID ANGEL; NILE, and DECAPITATED, and so on… I knew I was in for a treat of steel quality Metal. What's to note is that the brain child of CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE - Gunnar Dugrey; at only 11 years old, took several years for this band to come to fruition. Now that's Metal dedication, and at the finalization of his 8th grade at school; he took his musical intelligence to the maximum and formed: CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE.

See; this is where my love for Metal comes in, Metal is not easy to create – the fact that it takes upon several years to even build up confidence to know that you're a King of Metal; create quality sounding music, and then get on stage to perform a blinding set, you're then set to give your fans 100% unauthorised but quality Metal, and go about the globe as much as the national bands such as: METALLICA; SLIPKNOT, and so on and so forth.

The world is limitless for CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE, I do very much like that band name if I'm honest. It's just got that original name for a band in Heavy Metal. This is evident as I check their facebook and see near 15k “likes”. But let's get right down to it - as I first press play on this EP; I got smacked in the face with a tone that sounded similar to the likes of SOULFLY which awe-inspired me when I heard Max Cavalera, just kidding. In “The Painting House” and “Become Death”, I hear a tone that has that similar effect to SOULFLY which left me reeling and also had me “pounding” at the sheer quality display of power I ensued on.

This is Gage Dean on vocals and bass; this is hardcore music at its finest, this is also why I mentioned SOULFLY - being one of my all time favourite bands it was an easy comparison. Gage pummels in on some fantastic vocal power while on bass as well; with the additional powerhouse of the drummer: Charlie Gesik, you can imagine the scope of this Metal allegiance that I love so much. With Gunnar Dugrey on lead guitar and Nathan Nielson on rhythm; who destroy ears with some fantastic “heavy as fuck” riffs, I can only give props to CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE for their hard earned attempts on this one.

With a 2-part of “Crusades” - “Siege” and “Extinction” which holds up for their most atmospheric creations on this EP; they still manage to pull off some brilliantly written brutality that the gateway of Metal bands really should inspire themselves on and take damn note. Also to add is the sound production; it's very well done as I can hear every instrument and vocal, which really helps one enjoy themselves.

CHRONOLOGICAL INJUSTICE is a concept written about man's selfish desire towards their fellow human; greed, power; religion, or any other excuse made up to torture his humane throughout history. Their stories carry on but need to be told in lesson of what conjures up on what selfishness produces.

Bottom line; so is this for you? Well, if you love an atmospheric approach that leads to just truly but groovy hardcore music that makes you have a mental thrash about, then yes. This is for you. “A Collection Of Atrocities” will rank on my list as a headbanging winner. Hardcore music for thrashers and metalcases alike. Go check it them out and support Metal!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The Painting House
2. Become Death
3. Heterodox
4. Crusades Pt. I: Siege
5. Crusades Pt. II: Extinction
Gage Dean – Vocals, Bass
Gunnar Dugrey - Lead Guitar
Charlie Gesik - Drums
Nathan Nielson - Rhythm Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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