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Deadpan – In Aliens We Trust

In Aliens We Trust
by Chelsea Jennings at 29 February 2016, 11:56 AM

DEADPAN is a Metal band from Florianpolis, Brazil. DEADPAN is a trio that have just released their latest EP “In Aliens We Trust” Independently in August 20th, 2015.

DEADPAN’s latest release “In Aliens We Trust” basically takes a look at humanity through the lenses of an alien population. It questions humanity’s decency and survival going in to the future. Humans are almost turning into aliens as we are destroyed by humanity’s downfall. It’s an interesting concept to the album, but after listening to opening track “A Mature Song”, which is supposed to be about someone who thinks that they are everything but they are nothing more than childish. They end up faking maturity, and have no real personality to them. The concept here is true, but it’s very quickly clear it that there are massive problems with both the clumsy wording of the track, and the horrendous vocals provided by Gustavo Novlaski. The vocals are high-pitched, terrifying, and wailing sounds more than singing. The off-pitch sounds and the wailing alone ruin the listening experience for the singer. Add the clumsy, poor wording of the song and it makes it almost unbearable to listen to.

“Unmasked Living” talks about how many people have to be someone different in front of other people they know, but they change their personality so often that people who know them really never know the true person. This person wears a mask through life, and isn’t the real person that they should be. The awful vocal performances by Gustavo as well as the awful wording to the songs continue to derail this track as well as it did the first one. “In Aliens We Trust” describes humans as being lost and numb and calling people ignorant, stupid, and neurotic. It talks about how the world is now in chaos, and laziness continues to overrun our society as our world deteriorates.

“Life Olympic Games” comes along to talk about how life is one massive competition. We are in a competition to be the prettiest, richest, and best at everything. We are never happy with who we are, and always want something more. Nothing satisfies humans anymore. Great news if we ever wanted a competition we are already in one, but it seems to overrun our lives and overshadow everything else. “Standard” mentions how no one is unique anymore, and we are all the same and want nothing different than to fit in and be “like the rest of them”. The EP ends with “Two Faces” how people have control and spread fear and hate and do anything to make  themselves feel better than everyone else, yet how people sell invisible products to scare people into submission.

While the entire concept of humanity turning into aliens is pretty much correct, at the same time the entire dastardly performance of vocals by Gustavos, and the poor lyrics that make the points hard to understand the listener sees this album essentially ruined. The musical aspect of the album is respectable, and sounds like traditional Heavy Metal music. The band is a heavy bass, pounding drumbeats, and vicious vocals, yet the vocals and the poorly written songs ruin the release for anyone trying to enjoy it. Sadly, “In Aliens We Trust” is past saving or enjoyment at this point.

Songwriting: 2
Originality: 2
Memorability: 2
Production: 6


1 Star Rating

1. A Mature Song
2. Unmasked Living
3. In Aliens We Trust
4. Life Olympic Games
5. Standard
6. Two Faces 
Gustavo Novloski - Vocals & Guitars
Anderson Biko - Bass
Igor Thiesen - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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