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Inkvisitor - Doctrine Of Damnation

Doctrine Of Damnation
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 10 January 2016, 1:55 AM

Well, Finland has a peculiar and creative Metal scene, doesn't it?

Since the end of the 80s, when the country's first bands appeared (if I can remind clearly, the first ones on those days were IMPALED NAZARENE and BEHERIT), there is a strongly established tradition: Finnish bands always look for identity. That's the main reason for uncountable excellent acts as those above, along with NIGHTWISH, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SENTENCED, WINTERSUN and many more. And now, another band from Finland, the quintet INKVISITOR, that arrives with their first album - "Doctrine of Damnation".

Their work is focused in creating a fast and aggressive way of Speed/Thrash Metal. Of course their music has deep roots on the past, but don't worry: they're not some kind of clone, because even playing a style that seems to be old, the Finnish Metal tradition (that pulses inside every Finnish band musical core) is there on their music, so it is pretty good, indeed, and full of energy. This is enough to make things very interesting.

Jesse Kämäräinen (one of the band's guitarists) produced the album along with Pekka Löhönen (who played the bass guitar parts on the album), having Simo Pussinen doing the mixing and mastering. Their work gave the band a clear and modern sound quality, what turns all the things understandable and truly interesting. But don't get the wrong idea, because "Doctrine of Damnation" is truly heavy and aggressive. It's a matter of hearing and exploding your ears.

Besides their music is nothing really new at all, their musical efforts made the album a good one to date.

The furious "Damnation" with its very good guitars (both on riffs and solos), the excellent "Abduction at Night" (with hooking slow tempos, fine work done by their rhythmic session, having a very good chorus as well), the hooking and abrasive "Three Phases of Disembodiment", the savage impact of Eine Box (Mobile Shredding Unit) (man, what a very good work on vocals), and the destructive "Claim What is Yours" (very good tempos again, along with erupting guitars), can be named as their best moments, but the album, from its beginning to it's very end, is really good.

Their work still needs to mature, but for now, they are pretty good, and a great future is waiting for them due a striking fact: they do not copy what was done in the past, trying to do things on their own.

4 Star Rating

1. MMXV A.D.
2. Damnation
3. Natas Agem
4. Abduction At Night
5. Three Phases Of Disembodiment
6. J-Town Anthem
7. Eine Box (Mobile Shredding Unit)
8. Nothing To Live For
9. Hellbound For Carnal Knowledge
10. Claim What Is Yours
Aapo Vuori - Vocals
Lauri Huttunen - Guitars
Jesse Kämäräinen - Guitars
Tino Jäntti - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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