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Meridius – Meridius

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 15 April 2015, 12:46 AM

In terms of metal, Canada is a country that really gave many good names for us. Starting back in the 70s with MAHOGANY, RUSH, and TRIUMPH, then the coming of Canadian metal/hard rock invasion in the beginning of the 80s, with ANVIL, VOIVOD, RAZOR, PILEDRIVER, EXCITER, KICK AXE, HELIX, SLAUGHTER (the thrash/black metal band, not the USA glam rock one, please), SACRIFICE, ANNIHILATOR, and others. But since the end of the 80s, the whole thing seemed to cool down, and we rarely hear something about a great and good name coming from Canada. Maybe some names are hidden deep into underground metal scene, as the Canadian thrash metal quintet MERIDIUS, coming with their EP “Meridius”.

We can say that these guys are making a brutal and fast thrash metal in the same vein of EXODUS, or translating: having the technical and melodic style from METALLICA with the aggressiveness of SLAYER, and with some elements of Groove Metal here and there, and some touches from ANTHRAX and DARK ANGEL here and there. But they’re not a Dolly Metal clone, far away from that! This mix of aggressive vocals (seeming a bit with Mille Petrozza’s style of singing in the last Thrash Metal albums from KREATOR), heavy and aggressive guitar attack (both in technical riffs and melodic solos), and a heavy and thunderous rhythmic kitchen. It’s not the ultimate new thing on thrash metal, but it’s extremely good.

Here, the sound quality is in a god level. We can understand what they are playing clearly, as their technical arrangements are loud enough for our ears. But it’s brute and abrasive, compromised with metal to their very bones!

The order of the songs goes from the fast one to the slower paced one. Opening this 3-songs EP, comes the heavy and fast thrash metal assault called “Speed Kills”, a very good song, with very good technical approach of all musicians (especially the bass guitar) and very good vocals, like a shark showing his teeth. On "Walk the Plank”, we can hear a more technical insight, with very good work done on both guitars in the middle of the mid tempos. And closing the EP, we have “Conquer the Throne”, a slower song (even with some fast moments), but brutal to the point of breaking our teeth with this very good rhythmic basis.

A very good band, prepared clearly for an entire album.

4 Star Rating

01. Speed Kills
02. Walk the Plank
03. Conquer the Throne
Eric Willmott – Vocals
Kieran Marquis – Lead Guitars
Sam Buchanan – Rhythm Guitars
Peter Reimann – Bass
Nolan Olson – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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