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Simplefast - Cursed

by Nitsan "Moonchild" Cohen at 07 June 2015, 12:26 PM

I do believe the Intro to be an important part of any album, and the special Intro in SIMPLEFASTs' first EP, is not the kind you usually hear in the world of Metal, but an extremely short song. Aside from its' length, it is a song like any other. It is also the opening part of "Within Your Soul", the first full-length song of their self-released EP. SIMPLEFAST are located in Greece, and are flirting with the line between the fast, and angry Thrash Metal to the more melodic Heavy Metal. After almost 4 years of them playing together, they've released their first EP in last November (2014), and are now working on their first full-length album.

"Cursed" is a 6 tracks EP, and after those first two, the next song is "Game Of Fate". This song is standing on the borderline between Heavy and Thrash, but the vocals are way too melodic to be any of the two. The combination between the Thrashing guitars, heavy drums, and melodic vocals is working pretty well. The only downside to it is that the great vocals are getting lost behind all the other instruments. It's mainly a game of balance, but it still affects the song that has so much potential to it. The guitar solo in this song is truly one of the best I heard in a while.

The problem I had with the balance of the vocals is pretty much fixed by the fourth song, "I Won't Cry" (a personal favorite of mine) but in some way I think it could be better with a bit more overdrive in the singers' voice. Not to be mistaken, I do think young Phil Roussos have a great, deep voice, yet I still believe he can do much more with it and I know he will learn it along the way. Aside from the vocals that have a bit more room to improve, the music is very good. I especially admire the fact that they are influenced by great bands such as METALLCA, MEGADETH, and BLACK SABBATH, and though they're all heard is their songs, every single thing they do is completely their own. If only they'll take the time study each other just a little bit more, they will be one of the greatest bands of our time.

4 Star Rating

1. Last Hope For Salvation
2. Within Your Soul
3. Game Of Fate
4. I Won't Cry
5. Cursed
6. Metal Fury
Phil Roussos – Vocals
Nikolas Tzanavaras – Bass
Hector Stavrakas –Rhythm Guitars & Backing Vocals
Nick Mntas – Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals
Stratos Midelias – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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