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The Prophet - Dying

The Prophet
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 11 January 2016, 10:11 PM

Again, I have the clear idea that oppression and difficulties really can create very good names on Metal. A fine example is Russian Metal.

Yes, a giant country, with a harsh weather in some regions, and after suffering from 70 years of a communist/socialist dictatorship (or dictatorship, we can mean), now that Russia is free, some very good names really are appearing from every part of the country. And from Tomsk, a small city on Siberian region comes THE PROPHET, a fine name, which arrives with their third album, "Dying".

Their style is what we use to call Melodic Death Metal, in the same vein of Swedish bands like AT THE GATES, but with a deeper and introspective melancholic feeling that is not so usual for Melodic Death Metal. Their style is nothing new at all, but their work is different, done with personality, with very good vocals (the guttural tunes are not so extreme, using a more harsh tune of normal voice), the riffs are done in a very different way, sometimes with melancholic melodies that seems like an old Doom/Death Metal way, and their rhythmic kitchen is doing a very good work, indeed, being heavy and technical in the due ways.

Their sound quality is a bit raw. But it's clear that Mikhail Baranov (signing his work as Lodiz), who produced, mixed and mastered "Dying", used this harsh approach to improve the band's musical aggressiveness, but don't worry - this doesn't mean that their music is not clear. It is, but in a Death Metal way.

The album is really very good, the band is talented, and as their best moments, we can name "On The Path" with its very good tempos and melodies (and a fantastic work from guitars), the thunderous "Incantation Of Sorrow" that presents a fine work from bass and drums (being a more harsher and rawer song, so their aggressive side is evident here), the excellent "Dying" (a not so fast song, with some melodic and tender moments, with very good work on drums once more), the well worked "Infection" and the destructive "A Voice From Nowhere" (constructed with very good melodies, a fine work from vocals and astonishing guitar work).

This band is really surprising, and a very good find!

4 Star Rating

1. Killers
2. On The Path
3. Incantation Of Sorrow
4. Amid The Fogs Of Nothing
5. Dying
6. Let My Soul Out
7. Infection
8. A Voice From Nowhere
9. Last Mourning Waltz
Alexandr - Guitars, vocals
Warrior - Guitars
Bathone - Bass
Raziel - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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