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Viathyn - The Peregrine Way Award winner

The Peregrine Way
by Jonathan Maphet at 19 October 2010, 9:10 PM

VIATHYN are a new band from Calgary Alberta Canada. Their press release lists their influences as being just about every popular Power Metal band currently in existence.

They do sound like a little bit of everybody, but that’s OK. There is nothing wrong with sounding like multiple bands in the genre you belong to. The first thing I noticed was how perfect the sound was for Power Metal. You have the fast guitar solos and double bass drumming, the song titles remind me of FALCONER. The average lengths of the songs are a bit too long for my liking. I don’t think Power Metal is the appropriate place for very long songs. Those belong more in the progressive Metal category. Be that as it may, at least the songs are good. They don’t fall into the trap of losing track of their tempos. The songs stay true to themselves the whole way through for the most part. Too many tempo changes in a song gets on my nerves. VIATHYN knows what they are doing and knows who their audiences are.

Despite not being listed in the credits, the band does have a wonderful female vocalist that helps out on a few songs. “Through the Orchard” is the song I was referring to when mentioning FALCONER. They have a similar song entitled “Enter the Glade”, both are very good songs referring to nature and the countryside. There are also a couple of songs that remind me of the BLACKMORE’S NIGHT albums, but only in the instrumental beginnings of the songs. The rest of the songs are pure Power Metal. I like the Folk element though. For the most part, modern Power Metal bands have abandoned the usage of such elements. “The Oracle’s Prophecy” is a truly fantastic song. It has a little bit of everything, Speed, beauty and great vocals and drumming. The guys hit it out of the park with this song. The drummer may need to take a break after this marathon song when played live.

Also, I don’t want you guys to think I let the fact that the band’s album is named “The Peregrine Way” when I mentioned their similarity to FALCONER. The Peregrine Falcon is an absolutely beautiful bird of prey. It is also a very good subject to name your album after.

I really am amazed at how good this album is. You absolutely must hear the guitar solo in “The Antique Man”. We are talking some serious shredding here. I highly recommend this album to all Heavy Metal fans, not just fans of Power Metal. The fact that no actual label is mentioned here makes this album even more amazing. I can only assume it is self financed due to no evidence of the contrary. This album deserves to be heard.

4 Star Rating

  1. Antebellum
  2. Heathen Arise
  3. Sirenum Scopuli
  4. Through The Orchard
  5. The Oracle’s Prophecy
  6. Blackened Woods
  7. The Twilight Haven
  8. Frail Titan
  9. Canvas
  10. Antique Man
Dave Crnkovic - Drums
Alex Kot - Bass
Jake Wright - Guitar
Tomislav Crnkovic - Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: Private Release


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