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Vigour - Their Moral World Award winner

Their Moral World
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 09 February 2016, 12:53 AM

VIGOUR is a Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal band based out of Athens, Greece. The band formed in 2005 and released their first full-length album in 2011. This new EP presented here in 2015 contains five tracks.

The title track, “Their Moral World,” leads off the album; the grandiose symphonic elements are perhaps only bested by the fierceness and wrathful vigor of the vocals. There is a strong sense of the macabre here as well, and this song could be the anthem for the rising of undead kings of old, re-born to lay waste to the world with disease and destruction. “Living Death” is similar in pace, and is like a processional piece that just exudes outer world transcendence. At times there is a DIMMU BORGIR vibe, but I think this is a bit darker and more sovereign, especially with the soaring horn parts and hard struck symphonic notes.

In Memorium” is faster in pace but none of the complexities are lost. It does settle into a familiar Black Metal rhythm here and there, trading off between that more subdued sound and the all-out wall of sound that reaches out to you like the tentacles of a deep sea monster, seemingly having and endless supply of suckery limbs.

Fallen” keeps the bombastic sound going, and you would swear that if the energy continued at this level you might actually be casting a spell to summon Lucifer from the pit. Some of the melody is a bit more accessible here and that French Horn nimbly climbs over the top of the wall with precision and beauty. About halfway through, it sinks into an interlude that is simply sublime, breathing slowly in and out and allowing its dark and perverted form to transform into something so pretty that you almost have to look away.

“Phantasmagoria” is the closing act to the EP. Like a seasoned orchestral theatre, the players and actors each fulfill their rolls with perfect execution, and the sum of each individual efforts results in something so magnanimous that it deserves adoration from one and all.

Each song is essentially a symphony of its own. The sheer coordination of all of the instruments needed to create something of this magnitude is impressive. There are lush layers of classical instruments, skull cracking textures of vocals and drums, and dynamic intricacies of guitar, bass and overall composition that blend in a unison that just doesn’t seem plausible.

4 Star Rating

1. Their Moral World
2. Living Death
3. In Memoriam
4. Fallen
5. Phantasmagoria
Nathir – Vocals
G. – Rhythm Guitars
David & Alex – Bass, Backing Vocals (Session)
Llias – Lead Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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