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Void Moon – Demo 2010

Void Moon
Demo 2010
by Maria Voutiriadou at 23 June 2010, 1:06 PM

Two months have been passed since ‘Keep It True’ festival’s last edition and plenty of memories still spinning inside METAL TEMPLE crew’s mind who has been there and enjoyed ourselves, obtaining so much experiences and knowledge about our beloved music; for me though, there is an extra reason to reminisce those days and keep them deep in my heart and that reason carries the name of VOID MOON. Of course it’s a band, of course it’s a new one and is surely coming from Sweden. From the very first listening, I couldn’t say if it was something good or bad, one thing was for sure though: this trio from Skåne län, Sweden achieved to open my mind and changed the way I was listening to Doom Metal before. But let’s start from scratch…

When we were arrived at the venue’s area the first day of the festival, I noticed a zillion of flyers glued on walls which said that ‘the new age of Swedish Doom has arrived!’ and after a while the demo cd of VOID MOON was in my hands. When I was listening to the cd for the first time, I couldn’t characterize their music as Doom Metal staff, although the bass line and some NWOBHM passages were pretty close to that and familiar to my ears. However, the tempo and the attitude of the songs reminding me a little bit of prog melodic lines combined to some pure Heavy Metal structures (reminding me some CIRITH UNGOL moments), having an eerie note of the early ANATHEMA works (yeap, the good ones), especially the track that opens the demo. So, the justifiable question came to my mouth: what the hell has this one to do with the Doom Metal I love and kiss?

Listen closely; the haunting riff of the opening “The Word And The Abyss” and the excellent desperate reading of Jonas Gustavsson’s voice, the holy purity of the heavy-tuned and my personal favorite “Akka (Mother)” or even the bass’ boisterousness in the closing “Through The Gateway”. Through the sixteen minutes of the cd, I find a lot of inspiration and desire for something real and pure Metal music, plenty of enjoyable sonic moments and an awesome execution, herein that I forgot it’s about a demo; facts that are enough to gain me and draw my attention for good, whetting my appetite for more in the near future.

That’s the magic thing about the world of music: it’s an open road with no end and no borders but so many crossroads that, in every step you take, you can find some interesting paths, capable to bring a sonic oasis in front of your eyes. That exactly VOID MOON is and I am quite curious about their oncoming evolution. No two ways about it, they deserve the way to a discographic contract; open up your ears and mind and listen carefully.

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  1. The Word And The Abyss
  2. Kallocain (pt. I)
  3. Akka (Mother)
  4. The Burning Court
  5. Through The Gateway
Jonas Gustavsson - Guitar, Vocals
Peter Svensson - Bass
Thomas Hedlund- Drums
Record Label: Private Release


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