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Witchhelm - Invocations

by Chelsea Jennings at 18 February 2016, 8:49 PM

WITCHHELM are a Doom Metal band from Akron, Ohio. WITCHHELM have put out their latest release titled "Invocations" via Wyrmwood Records.

WITCHHELM definitely have the Doom and Gloom sound down as their music is laden with heavy guitar solos, and low, heavy drumbeats. The vocals of are often quiet and some SEAN DETH make the music seem almost eerie, and creepy. It's quiet a good combination of sounds for a Doom Metal band. There are the makings of something with a lot of potential here, however there is one problem. Production. Poor, poor production. It mars the otherwise excellent sound of WITCHHELM, and makes the EP quiet an unpleasant listen for the listener.

Despite having excellent songs with great concepts ranging from "The Cult Of The Black Sun" talking about the mistakes humanity is made and how it is now symbolically drowning the human race to "Wytchwood" citing the witch trials from history and the curses that they have left on the practices today. "Hallow Hills" are about the wretched things that happen out in this eerie strange place where spirits dwell and ghosts haunt the valleys and hallows. "Descendants Of The Grave" is about the dead who have come back and haunt the people left in this world. "Oak is a musical bit that ends the album with an eerie, strange bit of melody.

WITCHHELM have the potential here for a great album about evil and "Invocations", but the poor sound and the terrible production really mar what would otherwise be a great release. SEAN DETH's vocals oftentimes sound more like a howling hyena or coyote more than death metal growls and wails. The guitars are quiet distorted, and the bass thumps too loudly over the rest of the music. It makes a lot of it really inaudible, and sadly ruins the quality of the music for the listener.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 4
Memorability: 2

1 Star Rating

1. Ulven
2. The CUlt Of The Black Sun
3. Wytchwood
4. D.G.H. (Doom Hunter General)
5. Hollow Hills
6. Descendants Of The Grave
7. Oak
Sean Deth - Vocals & Bass
Justin Fiorille - Guitars
Bertt Harris - Guitars
William Paxton - Drums
Record Label: Wyrmwood Records


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