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"Mabool" 10th Anniversary @ Zappa Shuni, Binyamina, Israel

in Wednesday, 27 August 2014 at Zappa Shuni
by Zakk Belkin


There is first time for everything, I always say that, and usually these first times are more than just “paid off”, these were events that I carved on my skin, always to walk with me for the rest of my days. Seeing the Israeli giant, the band ORPHANED LAND, was something unique for yours truly. Honestly, after being rather perplexed about what has been going on in the local Metal scene, which could have been ups and downs, I was expecting for yet another “just” a Metal show. However, I was dead wrong, it was way different, both by the feel the music, energies on stage and of course how I could I miss the pastoral location picked to host this event. I also heard that for the band’s 13th anniversary, they also performed right on that very spot. Nonetheless, this time it was bigger, louder and classier.

Choosing this special Amphitheater in Binyamina, a place for Middle Eastern music along with performers of Jazz, Israeli Rock and more, and produce a Metal show in it, that is something else. ORPHANED LAND turned up the heat with their 10th anniversary show for the celebration of theirs, and mine, most beloved album “Mabool”, released back in 2004, their first album to cut through the airwaves, paving their road to true glory. After serving an intro with several tunes out of their latest album, “All Is One”, the real show began with the entire tracklist of “Mabool”. One by one they shot the tunes, classy sounds and echoes of a true classic to be recognized. The songs such as “Ocean Land”, “Norra El Norra”, “The Storm Still Rages On” and “Halo Dies” were played to utter perfection. Furthermore, the band invited distinguished guests from their past to accompany on this enchanted journey. the For first timers, ones that have never experienced ORPHANED LAND live, it was no less than a exclusive performance. Even the band’s old female vocalist, Shlomit Levi graced with her presence, guesting in spots which I heard that were played in playback to her being a US resident for several years. I also listened to the playing of the bouzouki, percussions and definitive heavy guitar rhythms. The old crew of the band, mostly Yossi and Maty, were missed but the current lineup proved to be more than just worthy of any spectator of listener’s time, hitting melodic notes, keeping the old flame of the band going strong.


ORPHANED LAND created a great second-to-none show, an experience that made me realize that it was the best local Metal show I have seen to date. The band had the budget to book a spectacular venue, draw the foremost effects clasping the music and hard to ignore the open air happening. After finishing the “Mabool” set, ORPHANED LAND Playing the whole album live alongside other songs from the rest of their discography, just kept everyone singing along with them and having good time. I find it rather hard to describe my emotions and the sensation that I felt that evening; not the feel of watching one of the greatest names of my country's culture for the first time; not the fact that we are so advanced that one of the biggest places in the country plays Metal live - a place considered to be conservative or more accurate a mainstream venue; Nor the fact that even that they play alongside the biggest bands in the world, they do care about their fans. Firstly, and ahead of all for the music, that show brought me back to the age of 14 when I listened to an ORPHANED LAND song for the first time - a great and amazing undertaking that will last forever in my heart


I wish to thank Kobi Farhi of the band for hosting me and Steinmetal, and of course Metal Temple to cover yet another major event in their career. Be sure to check out ORPHANED LAND, whether if you are in Israel or in Europe, they will be there.

1. All Is One
2. The Simple Man
3. Brother
4. Birth of the Three (The Unification)
5. Ocean Land (The Revelation)
6. The Kiss of Babylon (The Sins) (with Shlomit Levi)
7. A'salk (with Shlomit Levi)
8. Halo Dies (The Wrath of God)
9. A Call to Awake (The Quest)
10. Building the Ark (with Shlomit Levi)
11. Norra el Norra (Entering the Ark) (with Shlomit Levi)
12. The Calm Before the Flood
13. Mabool (The Flood)
14. The Storm Still Rages Inside
15. Rainbow (The Resurrection)
16. Freedom (with Sami Bachar (song co-author))
17. El Meod Na'Ala (with Shlomit Levi)
18. Sapari (with Shlomit Levi)
19. In Thy Never Ending Way (Epilogue)
20. Let the Truce Be Known
21. Ornaments of Gold

*Photography by Yair Abelson

Promoter: Orphaned Land
Ticket Price: 120 NIS


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