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Keep It True XIII - Day 2 @ , Lauda-Koenigshofen (GER)

in Sunday, 25 April 2010 at Tauberfrankenhalle
by Grigoris Chronis, Kontogeorgakos Dimitris, Harry Papadopoulos, Maria Voutiriadou

Harry: Tired from the previous day, but ready to bang our heads once more, we left the hotel soon enough to be on time in the front rows to see MORTICIAN, even though I was still sleeping even while I was standing still outside Tauberfrankenhalle drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette (smoking was not permitted inside). Right on time, all the lads (and girls) of the METAL TEMPLE crew, were inside to see the first act. Those guys from Austria might not be the best musicians, it is not a big band in the Metal scene, but they surely know how to party and made us headbang throughout their whole set! The time was 11:30 in the morning when the first notes from the intro of MORTICIAN’s setlist were heard. I did saw them in Athens almost a month ago, if I remember right, and I loved that feeling they have: that they are playing because first of all, they like it! So when they hit the stage and Daniel Khan made a bath in beer, I knew that I was going to have a good time for a second time. They played songs from their first demo and their one-and-only EP alongside a new song called "Reflection Of Your Soul" and a "Breaking The Law" cover. The sound could have been better, but MORTICIAN was just the first band. They played for about 45 minutes and for all of us that managed to wake up was a good start for the rest of the day.

01. "Intro"
02. "Street Warrior"
03. "Listen To The Priest"
04. "No War"
05. "We Must Get Back"
06. "Sacrifice Of Sin"
07. "Reflection Of Your Soul"
08. "Hot Fight"
09. "Breaking The Law" (JUDAS PRIEST cover)

Maria V: It was too difficult to drink beer from 11a.m. if you didn’t consider yourself as an alcoholic, so, after the metallic dominion MORTICIAN left behind and their enjoyable set, it was time for one to relax; the American prog heavy rockers HEART OF CYGNUS were next and 20 minutes were enough to prepare themselves and make the necessary changes on the scene. The young quartet traveled from America to get into the festival, defying the danger and the fatigue of the long distance trip they had because of the volcano’s ash and for that, I was in the front line to watch them and give ‘em my best regards. Jeff Lane, the singer and guitarist of the band, seemed to be really anxious as a kind of newbie, but the completeness on his work was remarkable. However, it was not easy to hear that kind of band if you were not familiar to the their music’s prog structures, but the up-tempo parts combined with the well-played songs were awesome; HEART OF CYGNUS achieved to give some necessary breaths for next and RAM’s noon invasion, as well as warm the people just arrived at that time. The MAIDEN-esque "Lost At Sea" is haunting me till today, though. It’s very important to have the mood to play live ignoring the circumstances and not finding excuses for not being present.

01. "Prelude"
02. "Metropolis"
03. "The King And His Steed"
04. "OverMountain"
05. "Under Hill"
06. "Awake, Sleeper"
07. "Lost At Sea"

Dimitris K.: This was a fresh band coming from Sweden (hey, CANDLEMASS are also from Sweden but they did not make it to 'KIT'…) playing traditional Heavy Metal, a fact that justifies the addition to the festival. So, right on schedule RAM kicked off their setlist after the "Crushing The Dwarf Of Ignorance" intro with "Sudden Impact". This band looked and sounded super tight and for this, they did earn the crowd. Oscar Carlquist 'threatened' the metalheads to beat them up unless they started headbanging. This 'threat' was welcomed with enthusiasm and thus, everyone joined the Swedes into the Metal party that followed. Their on-stage energy and the excellent sound made RAM look solid as hell. “Machine Invaders” marked the climax of their performance while "Infuriator" was the perfect 'outro' proving that the band earned additional fans that day.

01. "Crushing The Dwarf Of Ignorance"
02. "Sudden Impact"
03. "Forced Entry"
04. "Awakening The Chimaera"
05. "Suomussalmi (The Few Of Iron)"
06. "Machine Invaders"
07. "Ghost Pilot (MI II)"
08. "Infuriator"

Greg: ADX was a nice surprise for me. Not expecting to ever see them performing live (that’s what festivals like 'Keep It True', of course), it was really luck these old French Metal warriors were included in the 2010 installment, let alone the fact their latest (OK, 2008) "Division Blindée" LP – yes, bought on vinyl some months ago – clearly showed the bands from Paris is probably running its second youth. Fighting with a pale sound in the beginning, ADX seemed to care only for the music’s message and – judging from the setlist containing enough classics- succeeded in delivering a nice show that impressed enough of the crowd. "Notre Dame De Paris", "L’étranger" and "Division Blindée" were personal highlights and the Heavy/Speed Metal blend honestly pictured in 45 minutes of set probably created a minimum of foes.

01. "Caligula"
02. "Notre Dame De Paris"
03. "Mémoire De l'Eternael"
04. "Marquis Du Mal"
05. "Le Fléau De Dieu"
06. "L'étranger"
07. "Suprématie"
08. "Division Blindée"
09. "Déesse Du Crime"

Harry: KALAPÁCS (meaning “Hammer”) was one of the bands that I didn’t know. So coming back home with three of their CD’s in my hands means something. The quintet from Hungary is playing a mixture of ACCEPT and old JUDAS PRIEST with lyrics in Hungarian (so I can’t say anything about it). József Kalapács (ex-POKOLGÉP), even though he doesn’t speak English, managed to communicate with the crowd and made us clapping our hands or (trying) to sing some of the lyrics. The sound was OK, but with the guitars buried at some points. If my sources are correct, they didn’t play anything form the POKOLGÉP era, something that might was disappointing for their fans. But overall everyone that stayed to see their set, those 45 minutes that KALAPÁCS were on stage, had a great time and so did the band, even though there were some moments of embarrassment since there wasn’t a common language between the band and the crowd. But the time has passed and it was time to see WARRANT performing.

Dimitris K.: WARRANT was another last-minute addition to the festival billing and another true Metal band which never got what it deserved. Really, with one EP and one LP mentioned in their discography they have managed to write their name with bold letters inside the pages of the great German Metal book. With a classic German lineup featuring three guys WARRANT stormed 'KIT' with the old school lyrics "I'm a new Satan, I'll kill them all". Jorg Juraschek with almost Peavy (RAGE’s singer) looks filled the stage with a massive presence. His voice was in a perfect condition screaming and 'pushing' the gathered metalheads to add some more energy during the hectic evening time. That was a performance with all the characteristics of the entire Speed/Power Metal German scene of the mid 80s. The impressive performance ended with the headsman figure walking up and down the stage waving the axe above the heads of the band members and the guys in front rows. As the icing on the cake the German band hit us with two covers; the first was on MERCYFUL FATE's "Nuns Have No Fun" and the second on TRUST's "Antisocial" that close the setlist making everyone singing the chorus lines. This was one of the best last time additions.

01. "Satan"
02. "Bang That Head"
03. "Ordeal Of Death"
04. "Torture In The Tower"
05. "The Enforcer"
06. "Ready To Command"
07. "Nuns Have No Fun"
08. "Scavenger’s Daughter"
09. "The Rack"
10. "Antisocial"

Dimitris K.: SATAN’S HOST was a band to expect to watch on stage. I mean, who could say no to an occult Black-horror Metal band with Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin behind the mic? This specific question was in the mind of many metalheads who quickly gathered around the stage while the "Prelude: Flaming Host" intro brought "Black Stele" from the band’s 80s debut release. Sound-wise SATAN'S HOST performed great and -as expected- Tyrant nailed all the vocals lines but visually they had nothing to do with the blackened Metal band introduced some decades ago. There was no atmosphere among the members and this made them look like a cover band and nothing more. The setlist featured two cover songs that had little to do with the originals; the first was “House Of The Burning Nuns" (from THE ANIMALS’ classic "House Of The Rising Sun") and the second was "Norwegian Wood" (originally from THE BEATLES). The latter was dedicated to the burning of churches that fueled the Norwegian Black Metal and sounded pretty cool. The band also did a new track entitled "Black Hilted Knife" presenting the new album that is on the way. The bottom line is that SATAN’S HOST played well that evening and woke many memories but I personally do not expect something special from them, especially under the consideration that they didn’t look/sound as a real band.

01. "Prelude: Flaming Host"
02. "Black Stele"
03. "Into The Veil"
04. "Black Hilted Knife"
05. "House Of The Burning Nun"
06. "Hell Fire"
07. "Standing At Death’s Door"
08. "Norwegian Wood"
09. "Dark Priest"
10. "King Of Terror"
12. "Metal From Hell"

Greg: One of the most impressive performances in this year’s 'KIT' festivities: it was not speed, power, epic nor doom, but it was a classic British hardrockin’ Metal typhoon out of nowhere. Backed by a g-r-e-a-t sound, TYGERS OF PAN TANG (or should we say "Robb Weirand Co.?") showed undisputed class and the set of songs they decided to present was a very nice chance to verify everything is all right when straightforward NWOBHM rockin’ music plays on and on. The band was solid as a rock, singer Jacopo Meille was impressive with an excellent range and to the vibe songs like "Slave To Freedom", "Hellbound", "Take It" and "Rock And Roll Man" your head/foot/thigh/ass would have difficulties standing still. Each sub-genre has its value, no questions asked, but as the night was drawing some metallic Rock 'n' Roll party was an ideal proposal. Cheerz!

01. "Euthanasia"
02. "Raised On Rock"
03. "Take It"
04. "Suzie Smiled"
05. "Hot Blooded"
06. "Slave To Freedom"
07. "Never Satisfied"
08. "Rock And Roll Man"
09. "Hellbound"
10. "Wild Catz"
11. "Gangland"
12. "Don't Touch Me There"

Greg: Would the mid-pace melodic/fantasy British Metal of DEMON seem dangerously pale after T.O.P.T.’s loud set? That was a good question for everyone not 666% drunk at the time. Well, that’s what great bands are for. Celebrating their 30th anniversary DEMON performed for over an hour and walking off stage they had clearly left their own mark…again. The sound was quite average in the beginning – they keys, whenever present, were sky high in the mix plus one guitar was frequently missing – but gradually things got better and Dave Hill took the chance to spread magic with a fine tracklist featuring classics from nearly the whole DEMON career. Of course, "Night Of the Demon" and "Don’t Break The Circle" made the whole hall sing along while more obscure cuts like "Standing On The Edge" and "Life On The Wire" fed the hunger of the evergreen DEMON fan base. A majestic appearance, overall.

01. "Sign Of A Madman"
02. "Into The Nightmare"
03. "Blue Skies In Red Square" / "Commercial Dynamite"
04. "Liar"
05. "Blackheath"
06. "No More Hell On Earth"
07. "Standing On The Edge"
08. "Life On The Wire"
09. "The Spell"
10. "Night Of The Demon"
11. "Don't Break The Circle"
12. "One Helluva Night"


I’m not sure if there ever was an original 'Surprise Act' plan seriously programmed to fit in the schedule. With CANDLEMASS singer Robert Lowe eventually present on his own, also thinking Harry Conklin is always willing to donate jammin’ help, the whole ROXXCALIBUR gang was there too…who knows? The rumors ‘bout classic speed metallers ACID performing a couple of songs were true, though: the band – fronted by a busty good-looking Kate De Lombaert - stepped onstage to deliver a nostalgic take on "Max Overload" and let’s just wish a full reunion will take place at some time since for this classic band from Belgium. A further announcement informed the hall 'bout the performance of 3-4 CRIMSON GLORY songs (in tribute of Midnight’s death) by the German Prog/Heavy metallers LANFEAR with 'last time' singers being Harry Conklin (SATAN'S HOST) and Michael Vescera (OBSESSION). To be strict, Michael rarely sung in "Valhalla" and "Red Sharks" while Harry spoke a couple of lyrics in general; the initial plan was to have two other ‘rehearsed’ singers to the job who both – as announced – got finally sick. Anyway, the applause was big honoring the late C.G. singer and got even bigger as soon as "Lost Reflection" was heard from the speakers…

MariaV: FIFTH ANGEL was the fitting band to handle the one of the two headlining positions. With two LPs under their belt, the band from Seattle had showed great potential back in the mid 80s. And when the decision to reunited was finally confirmed, a live show for 'KIT' standards was absolutely necessary to satisfy the true fans of the band, put out their thirst for some genuine Heavy Metal and maybe mark a brand new comeback. I was pretty curious to see how FIFTH ANGEL will perform on stage, especially after the last moment’s replacement of their singer, with Mr.Peter Orullian (the voice of HEIR APPARENT) during their glorious days, just for this festival’s needs. Being exhausted from the two days of 'KIT' festivities and also tired due to the long wait after the end of the anterior and poor surprise act, the time clocked almost ten minutes after eleven and the legendary Angels stepped on stage. Pretty brief and full of showing us what they got, FIFTH ANGEL were really enjoyable and energetic, granting us a full set of their golden carrier, including many moments of their two albums. The atmosphere really warmed up when "Cathedral" was played, while "Fifth Angel" rose up everyone inside the festival hall. The two guitarists made an excellent job in twin guitar solos and Orullian’s voice seemed to replace deservedly Ted Pilot’s mark. That’s the main difference an American band has compared to the European ones; FIFTH ANGEL had the perfect stage set, a unique set up justifying why they were chosen for the headlining spot and gave lessons for how to perform in front of two thousands of people. And that’s also a gift judging by the fact they had been out of the scene for quite some years. After a set of about 80 minutes FIFTH ANGEL left us satisfied with a big smile in our faces, making us to want more and -why not- meet them again in a future live appearance. Bands like FIFTH ANGEL deserve the fans’ respect in bold letter: "You’ll find a way to me - To reach my soul".

01. "The Night"
02. "In The Fallout"
03. "Shout It Out"
04. "Cathedral"
05. "Seven Hours"
06. "Call Out The Warning"
07. "Fifth Angel"
08. "Midnight Love"
09. "Time Will Tell"
10. "Wait For Me"
11. "Cry Out The Fools"
12. "Only The Strong Survive"
13. "Wings Of Destiny"
14. "We Rule"
15. "Lights Out" (UFO Cover)

DimitrisK: And after the special appearance from FIFTH ANGEL 'Keep It True XIII' reached the end. After all, the volcano caused minor disturbance for the travelers but I believe the festival managed to take away all the anxiety and fatigue that had gathered upon our shoulders. It is really amazing listening to metalheads from all around Europe making plans to meet again at Lauda-Koenigshofen for the next edition of the festival while making their way home. METAL TEMPLE renewed the appointment for next year hopefully without further troubles at any level.

(photos by "Only The Strong Survive" Erika)












Promoter: Keep It True
Ticket Price: 40 €


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