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Demon @ Zaragon Rock Club, Jönköping (SWE)

in Saturday, 30 October 2010 at Zaragon Rock Club
by Erika Walberg

“One Helluva Night” sure is a good tag for that evening of NWOBHM. I couldn’t even in my wildest dreams imagine how it would be at the Zaragon Rock Club. I’ve seen my fair share of bars and clubs and perhaps the atmosphere was all because of DEMON that night, I can’t say since I’ve never been there before but the future will show that’s for sure. The average age was absolutely higher than normal but also so was the spirit. We hadn’t but entered the place before we had new friends and that’s how the rest of the evening went as well. Really nice!

After some mishaps, the gear for the keyboards were left behind in Copenhagen, DEMON hit the stage around midnight. DEMON has done really good shows during this summer’s festivals and they kept the standard that night as well. There’s a special feeling that turn up when DEMON play, like you’re on a spontaneous party with your best friends and it just turns out to be one of the best ever. It’s always extremely nice, cozy, intimate and friendly. Then, that DEMON still sound amazing, even better than they did the first few times I saw them (these first times still referring to recent years), is another thing. Dave Hill’s voice is still top notch and the band delivers hard every time. They have such an amazing energy on stage and you can’t but tag along. More bands could really learn from this because if it shows that you love to be on stage and play it will show and you don’t have to do much, the gig will be registered by the attendances as super anyway.

I think it’s a little bit strange that DEMON isn’t bigger than they are. Sure, they tickle the nostalgia nerve, that was clear this night but in this age of everything old being the new “new” they should get new fans too because they have a whole bunch of really good songs. This really shows how unfair this business is sometimes, bands can do everything right and still not get what they deserve. “Night Of The Demon” and “Don’t Break The Circle” but they have a lot more than that. “Remembrance Day” really has grown to a favorite feature in the live set.

“Blackheath”, “Standing On The Edge” and “Life On A Wire” works just as well too. 90 minutes of hits and a support from the crowd really confirmed that. In fact, the support was so massive and intense that they both opened and closed the set with “Night Of The Demon” and even after that the crowd kept chanting for more songs. It was really long ago since I last experienced an as stubborn and persistent audience as this one. It will be nice to see if it was only for DEMON or if more bands get the same support in the future.

DEMON setlist:

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Night Of The Demon"
  3. "Into The Nightmare"
  4. "Blues Skies In Red Square" / "Commercial Dynamite" / "Blues Skies In Red Square"
  5. "Liar"
  6. "Wonderland"
  7. "Sign Of A Madman"
  8. "Blackheath"
  9. "Remembrance Day"
  10. "Standing On The Edge"
  11. "Life On The Wire"
  12. "Don't Break The Circle"
  13. "One Helluva Night"
  14. "Night Of The Demon" (reprise)
(photos by the Demon Erika)


Ticket Price: 27€


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