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ACID KING / Pet The Preacher / Bong Cauldron @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, England

ACID KING / Pet The Preacher / Bong Cauldron
in Monday, 16 June 2014 at Brudenell Social Club
by Danny Sanderson / Michael Coyle

The city of Leeds holds many hidden gems for fans of live music. As well as larger venues like the O2 Academy and the First Direct Arena. there are plenty of smaller venues where you can catch some of the Metal undergrounds rising stars. Brudenell Social Club is one of them. This venue, nestled in amongst houses and shops, is the last place you'd expect to see bands. But this place has played host to such distinguished acts as KATATONIA and SMITHS/CRIBS guitarist Johnny Marr. And tonight, they welcome legendary Stoner act ACID KING, and Danish Stoner band PET THE PREACHER, into this quiet and unassuming club on the on the edge of the city.

Before either band hits the stage, the local support band hit the stage. BONG CAULDRON, who are a staple band in this venue. They don't so much warm the crowd up as whip them up into a frenzy with their crushing riffs. They perform a great set enveloped in a green hue, and are able to get the crowd's heads swinging as one. This band have begun to gain a small following around Leeds and Bradford, and it's safe to say that if they continue to play with this level of skill and energy, then they will quickly gain fans across the UK, and could well reach the same heights as some of the pioneers of Stoner music.

Then it is time for PET THE PREACHER. They play well, and they get a pretty good response from the crowd, who have begun to feel the effects of the potent beer and cider on offer at the bar. This is their second tour opening for Acid King, and it is easy to see why the band is favoured so highly by tonight's headliners. They surge confidently through their set, and seem to please the crowd. However, they don't get a good a crowd response as BONG CAULDRON did.

ACID KING are great, not just musically, but also visually; they play their set with clips of Bikers and the infamous head of the Church of Satan, Anton La Vey, projected onto a screen behind them as they play. By this point, the venue is completely heaving. Their set consists mainly of songs from their classic albums "Busse Woods" and "Acid King III", and the combined projections, smoke and lighting create the perfect atmosphere for this gig.

By the end of the night, when the music has died down and the crowd have begun to head home in various states of inebriation, it's safe to say that everyone is satisfied with the spectacle they've just seen. While watching people swaying drunkenly up towards Woodhouse Lane among houses and shops, it wouldn't cross the mind of any casual observer that a legendary stoner band had just torn the house down around the corner from where they're stood.

1. Busse Woods
2. 2 Wheel Nation
3. Coming Down From Outer Space
4. Red River
5. On to Everafter
6. Silent Circle
7. Laser Headlights
8. Electric Machine
9. War of the Mind

**Due to technical difficulties there weren’t any photos posted this time.

Interview - Christian Hede Madsen / Torben Wæver Pedersen (Pet The Preacher)

When it comes to hard hitting Doom one place you will always find it is in the depths of Leeds, take a venture into the Brudenell social club, try one of the strongest ciders they have on tap, sit back relax and enjoy the show, because once you have seen PET THE PREACHER bring the Doom to the small venue, you will understand the meaning of a home forged jam session.

So how is the tour going so far

Christian: Well it’s great fun, to be honest this is the second time, and its going well this time because we didn’t know we were playing and last year we were all like substitute because the other band cancelled at the last minute, so this time were actually on the poster (laughs). That’s pretty awesome.

So I’ve heard you have a new album out called the cave and the sunlight?

Christian: That’s right (laughs)

And it came out just recent didn’t it? I also wanted to ask as well how ell has it been received?

Torben: Really well in general I mean yea people seem to like it reviews have been go in general, yea we are very satisfied  I mean overwhelmed.

And this is your first release if I’m correct in saying?

Torben: It is the second album.

Oh right

Christian: It is the first on Napalm Records though.

So that’s another thing, how did you get in touch with Napalm records?

Christian: It was through our manager, he’s in contact with them on a weekly basis as well he is the manager for Conan who is also a Napalm band, and they introduced us right after we got in contact with him over a year ago, but it took some time, you know when the record was finished that they actually signed us, like half a year or something, so why they signed us we don’t know, but we were really happy to be there and they are really good to us.

Well it is a great label to be signed to, I mean over the past few years they’ve gotten some really big acts like DevilDriver are now part of the Napalm family and alluna

Christian: As well Monster Magnet and The Sword.

Yea I mean a lot of great bands; it must be amazing being on a label with that kind of acts

Torben: Absolutely, I mean it’s been amazing how much has changed since we were signed by them I mean how much publicity everything suddenly gets because were on a serious label. not that the other one wasn’t serious but it was so much smaller and they didn’t have the same contacts to get us in touch with magazines, so everything has been cool.

so on the new record what influences did you all have when working on this, was there a specific process as well or did you have like a few ideas of what you wanted it to sound like ?

Christian: it was a mix of because we all have very different influences, yea and also touring you know with acid king you get a lot of inspiration, inspiration from other bands, but we were going for more a little more heavier than the old stuff, and maybe well it’s not a concept album like the first album, but we still have we feel we have you know a feel through the album in some way and of course were inspired by the Nola bands the southern bluesy bands like Down and COC and crowbar of course (laughs) and stuff like that but also like the old classic rock guys and more new metal in the terms of the way we structure our songs and stuff like that, but I think it’s important to have a broad variety of influences so you can still sound like yourself instead of copying one and other.

so if I’m not mistaken you guys are from Denmark?

Torben: yes sir.

I wanted to ask, what is the stoner metal scene like in Denmark at this time, is it strong or is it starting to actually get some more attention?

Christian: its growing

Torben: I mean there’s heavy days in doom town festival which is I don’t know how many years old now, three years? it’s not that old right, well things are happening, the scene is growing because people are doing something about it there becoming aware of the music, I mean bands are popping up and festivals so that’s sort of a, that sort of develops the scene.

Christian: we have a lot of bands coming through Denmark on tour there’s clubs that have weekly stoner days, so I think that it is growing.

Well, I have noticed actually that the past couple of years bands like Down and Crowbar have been getting more strength, touring more and I think that this is actually inspiring a lot bands to actually want to try their luck at this because with Crowbar having released their new album and Down with the new EP and you have your new album out as well and it looks like that it is growing stronger on a daily basis.

All: exactly

Do you have any future plans at all as of now, like

Christian: yes we do, but we can’t say much though.

Torben: A few shows with Pentagram in July. That’s the only thing that is real official at this point, that’s really awesome.

Christian: We were out with them like two years ago.

Torben: Yeah that was November 12th.

so I guess to really finish up is there anything you would like to say to the fans listening?

Christian: well first of all thanks for listening and be sure to come to a show because we really need people to come to shows so that we can keep on touring, and making the new records, so just a big thank you.

Torben: yeah thanks and also yes we are very much a live band so that’s where we are most at home so that’s to get the full experience.

Promoter: Desertscene
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