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Blind Rage 2014 Tour @ Tonhalle, Munich, Germany

ACCEPT / Damnations Day
in Saturday, 18 October 2014 at Tonhalle
by Erika Kuenstler

Blazing its way around the world, with sold out shows across Europe, including France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Spain, ACCEPT’s “Blind Rage” tour has been a roaring success. I was fortunate enough to catch the show on the Munich leg of the tour, and what a phenomenal show it turned out to be!

Opening up the night’s festivities was DAMNATIONS DAY, an Australian Thrash/Power Metal band formed in 2005. With just one full-length album to their name, all of the songs played in their 30 minute set were taken from this “Invisible, the Dead” album, released in 2013. Whilst their performance was good, it was by no means spectacular, with the only outstanding part being how many times the vocalist announced that they were from Australia (four times in half an hour by my count). However, it was a decent warm up for the crowd, the vast majority of whom were wearing ACCEPT t-shirts, some even proudly sporting designs that were several decades old. Even before DAMNATIONS DAY started playing, the venue was already almost packed to capacity, with the air buzzing with anticipation, and as they progressed through their setlist, the crowd’s party mood grew more and more, swelling to an excited pitch as DAMNATIONS DAY announced their final song.

1. Invisible, the Dead
2. The Meaning
3. I Am
4. Lucid Dreaming
5. Carried Above the Sun
6. The Reaper

By this point, the temperature had risen, so many thronged to the bars, whilst the majority of the audience near the stage stayed put, not willing to risk their spots. Watching the feverish activity on the shrouded stage as everything was prepared for ACCEPT show, the audience worked themselves into a near frenzy, hotly debating which songs would be played. This tension was somewhat alleviated by the anthems blaring through the speakers, including the likes of AC/DC, JUDAS PRIEST, and IRON MAIDEN. “Run to the Hills” in particular had the entire crowd howling along, building up the anticipation that filled the room to the point where it was almost tangible. Finally, after almost half an hour of sound check, everything was ready, the lights dimmed, and ACCEPT made their appearance.

One thing that was shiningly obvious from the get go was the amount of utter fun that ACCEPT was having on stage: they were loving every second of the show, and you got the feeling that there was nowhere that they would rather be. This was a highly infectious attitude that completely swept the crowd away, and for a glorious one and a half hours, nothing in the world seemed to exist except for what was going on right there, right then. Pouring their very hearts and soul into the gig, the band was already sweating profusely by the end of their third song. Nevertheless, not once did their fervour seem to weaken, not once did they look tired, and not once did they not fully engage the crowd.

The rather lengthy stage set up was immediately forgiven; the sound at this show was absolutely impeccable, with each instrument shining through with crystal clear precision. Furthermore, this show was not just a feast for the ears, but also one for the eyes. The intricate stage set up combined with a well-orchestrated light display along with the occasional columns of smoke rising from the stage did much to enhance the overall atmosphere. Added to the flamboyant stage gear of the band members were their entertaining and expressive mimics and gestures, giving you all the ingredients for a fascinating show. All the attention to detail, such as the custom “Blind Rage” artwork on Wolf’s guitar, or the ACCEPT sweatbands that most band members wore just took things that extra mile. The seat on which a drummer sits while he plays is called a throne, and in ACCEPT’s case, this couldn’t be more fitting: Stefan was seated behind a veritable palace of a drum-kit, complete with a massive gong behind him that refracted the stage lights in spectacular arrays across the audience, bringing the visual aspects of the show to life all the more.

One excellent song followed the next, with each being sung along in its entirety by most of the audience. This particularly held true for songs such as “Balls to the Wall” and “Metal Heart”, both being played as an encore. At this stage, the point of time had been reached where you just want the show to go on for ever, but you know in your heart that it soon has to end. And so you give it your all, you push yourself to throw in every last microgram of energy, and this is exactly what the audience did. Despite having gone wild for the last 80 minutes or so, everyone from one end of the venue to the other jumped and head banged and screamed until they were hoarse during the encore, really ending the night off with a bang.

Given the excellence of the rest of ACCEPT’s show, it comes as no great surprise that the setlist here was also very well chosen, managing to showcase the songs of the new album “Blind Rage” as well as playing all the anthems from their vast back-catalogue too, ensuring something for newer and older fans alike.

1. Stampede
2. Stalingrad
3. Hellfire
4. 200 Years
5. Losers and Winners
6. London Leatherboys
7. Starlight
8. Dying Breed
9. Final Journey
10. Shadow Soldiers
11. From the Ashes We Rise
12. Restless and Wild
13. Ahead of the Pack
14. No Shelter
15. Princess of the Dawn
16. Dark Side of My Heart
17. Pandemic
18. Fast as a Shark
19. Metal Heart
20. Teutonic Terror
21. Balls to the Wall

All in all a completely outstanding performance! Whilst the tickets may be a bit pricey compared to other metal acts, the show is most certainly worth every single last cent. ACCEPT is of a calibre that is rarely seen these days, and is an absolute must watch! 

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