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Double Feature Metal Night @ Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, Israel

in Sunday, 13 July 2014 at Levontin 7
by Gilad Luria Givon

The streets around Allenby street, Tel Aviv, were almost completely empty that evening – a radical change from the usual bustle that characterizes them. Under frequent rocket strikes, people probably felt safer in their homes. But some brave souls would not be contained in-doors – some had Metal in their hearts.

Supporting PROWLERS, appeared a newcomer, less experienced, but no less spirited group – SOMNIA. SOMNIA’s music has a very distinct Power and Melodic taste to it, relying heavily on their vocalist, Noa Gruman. The young vocalist delivers nearly all tones well and manages to surprise with growling – not a common sight or sound. Their music is complex, roaming into the realms of Progressive Metal on some songs, and they incorporate even a small choir in certain instances. Certainly a colorful experience.

As far as I know, it was their first live performance. The sound wasn’t quite on par (a speaker even blew up, perhaps from sheer excitement), but the group’s energy was strong. Perhaps their music isn’t exactly best suited for live shows in-front of an audience, but they made the best of it – they even had their four-person choir dressed in dark gowns with large hoods, which looked appropriately theatrical. Gruman’s presence on the stage is felt strongly, she doesn’t blend in - she shines. The other band members join her well, and while the sound delivery wasn’t all it could have been, their playing was good.

All in all, in my opinion, SOMNIA's performance was very enjoyable and they show promise. Getting over technical difficulties would prove a small step in their path, I am sure.

PROWLERS began their journey as an IRON MAIDEN cover band. They’ve amassed a decent following and could easily fill a regular club in Tel Aviv. Composed of some of the best of the local Israeli Metal scene has to offer, they’ve done the English Heavy Metal band a lot of justice.

Yet, these Metalheads would not be contained merely to covers, and have begun composing and making their own, original material. In what could be easily classified as Heavy Metal with a delightful twist of some Power, their proficiency shines through – as well as their innovation. Drawing inspiration from both IRON MAIDEN as well as other bands, their music is characterized by use of long guitar riffs, prominent drumming and, of-course, powerful, rugged vocals (courtesy of their tremendous, untiring vocalist, Yochai Davidoff). Kept simple without being simplistic, their music is catchy, uplifting and highly listenable.

Naturally, then, their live performance was equally professional and full of energy. Their presence could not be ignored, and Davidoff had his usual humorous air about him, engaging the small, loyal audience that had gathered. The sound was perfect, without any un-necessary distortions, and for the life of me, I could not spot any slip-ups or missed notes. The band’s internal chemistry, product of some years of collaboration, was noticeable – they play very well together, literally. Despite the small attendance, their performance seemed grand – fitting for an audience of hundreds and probably more. It is this writer’s hope that they get that chance.


Ticket Price: 50 NIS


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