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Ensiferum, Metsatöll, Celtachor @ Voodoo Lounge, Dublin (Ireland)

ENSIFERUM / Metsatöll / Celtachor
in Saturday, 20 February 2016 at Voodoo Lounge
by Damien O'Farrell

So it’s a typical cold miserable dank Saturday in February and about half the tickets sold are standing outside at doors time. Presumably there early to catch local act CELTACHOR open the show. Sadly they find that the local lads have been bumped off the bill due to time and technical restraints but it isn’t anybody’s fault sadly it’s just one of the things that happens in this industry no matter how well organised things are or the best intentions of all involved. Talking to Sami from ENSIFERUM, I can tell they are very upset that the local lads didn’t get to perform so I recommended to him as I will to you to check out CELTACHOR’s debut video on YouTube. Here’s the video:

The crowed continued to file in as touring support act METSATÖLL came through the crowd to take the stage. The Estonian Folk Metallers treated the audience to a good selection of tunes from their extensive discography and attracted a large group of Estonians in Dublin right to the front of the stage. Singing along in their native tongue these fans really helped bridge the language gap and brought the Irish fans closer to the stage and made them more involved in the live experience. METSATÖLL are everything you’d expect from the touring support for ENSIFERUM. There were an excellent band with great ability and strong songs with a good stage presence that can engage and warm up the fans but not to the point of stealing the show. By the time METSATÖLL finished the crowd where amped up and ready for the headliners.


The Voodoo Lounge is not the venue it used to be. It’s been turned into several different parts that open individually. The largest being this venue part. It’s a long narrow hall with view blocking pillars the whole way along. As the backing track played “March of War” the staff opened up a path through the punters to allow the band to climb on stage, welcomed by a very excited and noisy crowd and without hesitation the launch straight into “Axe of Judgement” and “Heathen Horde” and the venue heaves with delight. I first saw ENSIFERUM with BODOM and AMON AMARTH six years ago and from these tracks alone I’m thinking to myself that they haven’t lost a step, maybe two tracks later and I’m realising that they’ve actually gained a few. My personal highlight of the night comes half a dozen tracks in as the play “Warrior Without A War” and the crowd erupt in fine voice and sing along, very loudly. This level of sing along continues through to the end of the set as in fine voice everybody joins in for “Twilight Tavern”.


After a brief moment the encore of “Into Battle”, “In My Sword I Trust” and “Iron” had everyone singing and moshing, which leaves everyone both exhausted yet begging for more. A few years ago the band changed label, line up and almost “relaunched” with the album “One Man Army” and it’s these songs that stand out most for me from this performance.  It would be very easy to overlook a “genre” act like ENSIFERUM, its swords and epic battles after all but past that is great song writing and musicianship, and it would appear to me regardless of the size of the crowd, incredible live performers. The energy from the band is infectious. Watching ENSIFERUM perform is a treat because unlike a lot of musicians it genuinely appears that these people enjoy being there. It looks to anyone watching that these lads and lady are actually having fun up there, and it’s infectious.


From the very start of the set they are playing their hearts out and enjoying themselves and the crowd can’t help but to respond in kind. There are many words or turn of phrases that you could use to describe ENSIFERUM as a live band but I’ll keep it simple. These guys are fun.

Promoter: Factory Music
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